Hey Chef! Did You Recently Lose Your Fancy Handmade Leather Knife Roll?

A local cook recently found a professional knife kit on a Downtown Eastside curb and purchased it for a ridiculously cheap price. Assuming it was stolen or otherwise lost, he brought his find to the attention of the Knifewear shop on Main Street, hoping they might be able to tie the knives to the customer, assuming the shop was the original point of sale (this is likely, as these are some proper tools, folks).

So, if you or someone you know has recently had their knife kit – a handmade leather roll by Horace and Jasper containing a mix of Japanese and German blades – go missing and can correctly identify the contents of said kit, let the re-uniting begin! To claim them, start by contacting Vancouver [at] knifewear.com with a description of your missing knives. Also, a round of applause to the conscientious cook who did the right thing here!


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  1. I notice this was posted back in March 2018 and I really hope the knives were reunited with their owner.

    I wanted to share a story of when I was in cooking school some 30 yrs ago.
    Like I was saying I was a full-time cooking student and working full-time job in a nice restaurant in a bistro style hotel in Halifax N.S. I finished school one day and hopped on a bus across town to get to work with my knife roll tucked inside my backpack. There was exceptional traffic that day and I had to run a couple errands before work so I felt I was going to be late for work. I jumped off the bus and literally had to run the errands. I remember running across some steps and I kind of heard something behind me. I was in a rush so I didn’t pay any attention to it. When I got work I could feel my heart sink in my chest. The zipper on my backpack was open at the top and my knives were not in the bag. I was hoping I forgot to put them in my bag and left them at school. I told Chef at work I may have lost my knives and made it through the shift wondering constantly if I did in fact leave them at school. The next day I got to school and alas my knives were no where to be found. I knew it, they fell out of my bag when I ran across those steps and didn’t bother to look back when I should have. It isn’t a large knife roll but it was all I had. Damn it, I really liked those knives.
    Anyway I left school and went to work that evening. When I got to work Chef came over to me and said he ran into a friend of his last night, who was also a Chef. His friend mentioned that he found a set of knives and asked Chef if he knew of anyone missing them! Then Chef pulled my knives from behind his back and I felt like I won the lottery.

    Something else spookily similar to this story is that my Dad made me a “fancy handmade knife roll” for my knives. I still have most of those knives after more than 30 yrs.

    I would like to know if the knives ever found their way back. I witnessed firsthand the integrity of what a real Chef is.

    Please post an update if you could.

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