On David Suzuki’s Late Revelation and Pleading with Millennials to Destroy Us All

Oh, Ipsos…I hope you are right this time: Justin Trudeau would lose if an election were held tomorrow, India trip a symptom of shift in mood. Oh, Justin…you’ll be sari you didn’t implement electoral reform when you had the chance.

Morneau says free pharmacare won’t be for everyone. I’m glad someone else parsed this thick ass rhetoric because I have no idea what he just said. ‘We need a strategy, not a plan, that deals with the gaps, not the system, which will require some back and forth because this is something that we should probably actually get right even though we are totally getting it wrong…” says sweaty little weasel in front of a bunch of CEOs who are probably giving him the thousand-eyed death glare.

Shots fired: David Suzuki fires off from the ‘death zone’ at Trudeau, Weaver and a broken system. After spending his entire adult life working within the confines of the system Suzuki just now realizes that there is no ethical consumption under capitialism. Better late than never, I guess.

‘Serious consequences’ for B.C. if it blocks Trans Mountain pipeline extension: Jason Kenney. “Kenney said Monday he would be prepared to stop permits for the shipment of Alberta oil to B.C. through the existing Trans Mountain line, which pumps 300,000 barrels a day of oil, gasoline and other petroleum products to Metro Vancouver.” Huh? It’s like he’s teaching us a lesson by giving us exactly what we want. I hope that’s not an idle threat, Jay!

B.C. salmon farmers react to Washington state ban. “We see this as an emotional response to a single mass escape at one farm,’ says fish farm spokesperson.” So, is trying to make pipelines safer after a massive spill ‘an emotional response’ or just, you know, good sense? Were seat belts ‘an emotional response’ to people flying through windshields?

In “old white guy is totally out of touch with his base” news: B.C. MLA says child care isn’t needed, parents should stay home. You just can’t make this shit up: “Asked to explain, Throness said child care is more of a lifestyle choice than an economic benefit, and that technology and not labour is what makes life in First World countries better than in the Third World.” What is with this party and comparing our standard of living to the Third World?

If childcare is a lifestyle choice then so is choosing to pay rent: City of Vancouver now defines $3,702 rent as “affordable” housing. As always, Derrick O’Keefe lays it out:

Another reason the situation was allowed to deteriorate so much is that too much of the discussion around real estate in Vancouver has focused in recent years on the issue of property ownership. Renters, who make up over half the population of our city, have until recently been left almost entirely out of the discussion. Very few elected politicians are renters, and many members of the political class are also landlords with multiple real estate holdings. So it is that we’ve arrived at this absurd situation where $3,700/month is deemed “affordable.”

Which means this ‘related satire of the day’ could instead read ‘Most popular kink among millennials is role-playing as a couple that can afford rent’: Report: Most popular kink among millennials is role-playing as a couple that owns a house.

And while the following isn’t about the housing crisis, or even the opioid crisis, or even climate change, it’s still a powerful and relevant read: Go Ahead, Millennials, Destroy Us.

Rid the world of all our outmoded opinions, vestigial prejudices and rotten institutions. Gender roles as disfiguring as foot-binding, the moribund and vampiric two-party system, the savage theology of capitalism — rip it all to the ground. I for one can’t wait till we’re gone. I just wish I could live to see the world without us.

Kitsilano’s Hollywood Theatre to be saved by adjacent redevelopment Ah yes, the market comes through again! Praise neoliberalism! It will save us all! /sarcasm. But yeah, it’s because this is in the Westside. Meanwhile everything beloved east of Cambie is destined for dust.

‘Peak’ Vancouver? Eviction sparks shaming of Vancouver eatery whose owner soon to be without a home too. I thought this was pretty cut and dry until I read this: “The arrangement at the once-home of Rhizome and Heartwood cafes has long been unorthodox: the business renting its shopfront is responsible for collecting rents upstairs and paying for maintenance of two upstairs suites, currently home to four tenants”. So, defend the tenants, defend Black Lodge, and fuck the owner.

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Bonus: Family Assets – The Grand Opening of Trump Tower Vancouver.

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  1. I knew it all along, Sean Orr is a Conservative Party of Canada Hack! If there was an election today it would usher in the darkest timeline. NDP can’t win federally with Jagmeet Singh as their leader.

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