On Lost Rooftop Restaurants and Delicious Animals that Pleasure Themselves

The Vancouver Sun sits down with Top Chef Canada runner-up and Fable/Fable Diner owner Trevor Bird to chat about inspirations, favourite local products and advice for home cooks.

An ode to a lost New York City rooftop restaurant and bar called Le Train Bleu.

The Daily Beast looks back at the secret speakeasy caves of the American South during Prohibition.

Eater on restaurants with a social mission, including Vancouver’s Save-On-Meats.

The Oscars might be over, be here’s one last look at some great food scenes in this year’s Best Film nominees.

If you love bacon and you love Old Fashioneds, consider heading down to Wildebeest to try this smokey riff on the classic.

In perhaps the weirdest tale of identity theft ever, this woman has been accused of poisoning the cheesecake of her doppleganger in order to assume her identity.

Bon Appetit answers the age old question: How do I know if that pineapple is ripe?

If what you look for in a delicacy is a creature that’s able to pleasure itself, allow me to introduce you to the piure!

In case you missed it last week, here’s Kissa Tanto’s Alain Chow walking us through his favourite spots to eat and drink around town.

The availability of ice – a basic resource we take for granted – is making all the difference in this Brazilian fishing community.

The New York Times attempts to allay your Instant Pot-based fears after a number of stories have surfaced regarding a product recall.

Thrillist breaks down their picks for the best whiskey bar in every state with Seattle’s Canon and Portland’s Multnomah Whiskey Library taking the top spots in Washington and Oregon, respectively.

Former Beaucoup Bakery owner-turned-author, Jackie Kai Ellis releases her first book this week. Part memoir, part cookbook, The Measure of My Powers hits the shelves March 6th.

Another concerning article on climate change, this time focusing on the devastating effects of warming temperatures on a number of California crops.

Trump’s new tariffs, however, may beat climate change to the punch, as Californians fear the new policy and a potential trade war could seriously impact local growers across the state.

Eating via Instagram honours go to @valherdez as this is exactly how every Sunday morning should be spent:

On a similar but more hopeful note, it looks like California may be ready to step onto the world coffee stage as growers in the state begin to produce the crop.

The New York Times on the changing face of the dinner party.

As fermentation gains more popularity, this SAVEUR guide on fermenting pretty much anything will likely come in handy.

Dear Johhnie Walker: The answer is no, women don’t need their own scotch. We’ll just keep drinking regular scotch which – as far as I know – was gender-neutral to begin with. Thanks.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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