Sai Woo Reveals Special Chinese New Year Parade Lunch Menu

the GOODS from Sai Woo

Vancouver, BC | We’re putting together a special lunch on Sunday, February 18th (the day of the Chinese New year parade) complete with a lion dance inside the restaurant. The special service runs from 11:30am to 3pm with the following special menu items.


Prawn gyoza $12

Pork & Kimchi dumplings $12

Szechuan-spiced vegetarian dumpling $11

Grilled oyster mushroom salad $14
Baby arugula, szechuan vinaigrette, shaved vegetables

Cauliflower & Tofu $14
Blistered cauliflower, korean fermented chillis, scallions

Pho ga $16
Sous vide chicken, bean sprouts, pickled shallots

Korean dumpling rice cake soup (traditional new years dish)$16
Pork & kimchi dumplings, egg swirl, rice cakes

Vietnamese pork spring roll $12
Umami glaze, nuoc cham

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