Meet the Local Audiophile Who Wants to Put on a Show in Your Living Room

I wouldn’t call SoFar Sounds an underground music movement, exactly…because it exists on a completely different musical plane altogether. The international live music series sets up intimate shows in unique (and sometimes bizarre) settings, hosted by ordinary music-loving folks. Tickets are scored in an online raffle system. Those lucky enough to be selected are only told the show location days before and the musician/band is kept secret until the very last minute. We recently caught up with the man behind the scenes of Vancouver’s SoFar branch. Say hello to Adam Caddell…

What is your neighbourhood and what makes it home? I live in the West End. Being within walking distance of the sea wall and some incredible coffee shops makes it hard to leave this side of town.

Describe Sofar Sounds in ten words or less. Secret, curated concerts in cozy and unique environments.

What is your role at Sofar? I wear a bunch of hats, but mostly I look for ways we can grow our audience, create unique partnerships and book higher profile artists.

How do you pay the bills? I’m a project manager for the indie-electronic label, Seeking Blue.

The biggest challenge you’ve encountered with Sofar? Venues. Please Vancouver people, GIVE US YOUR LIVING ROOMS!

The most rewarding moment you’ve been a part of with Sofar? We had the Allegra Chamber Orchestra perform with Ashleigh Ball (of Hey Ocean!). There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Favourite Vancouver view? Flying into YVR, looking down and knowing you’re almost home. Does that count?

One thing you’d like to see change about Vancouver? I wish we had political candidates who were brave enough to think beyond the next four years and actually put together long-term infrastructure plans (more rapid transit, more co-ops, etc.). The Canada Line is great but whose idea was it to make the trains shorter than a Rolo bar!?

Favourite local record store? Vinyl Records on Hastings!

The most beautiful place in the world? My family has an awesome little cabin on the Sunshine Coast, near Sechelt on the inlet side. It’s a special place in the summer.

Your guilty musical pleasure? Some cheesy but classic late 90’s R&B: Usher, Destiny’s Child, Blackstreet.

Your signature dance move? I’ve been known do a nifty backwards worm.

Worst show you’ve ever witnessed? Earl Sweatshirt at Sasquatch a couple years ago left a lot to be desired. The stage was messed up so you can’t really blame him. But it was BAD!

The last band you discovered that blew your mind? Emily Rowed played for us recently, and she blew me away. Watch out for her.

Tell me about your first musical memory. Probably listening to Gipsy Kings on a long road trip with my parents to the Baja.

I mean, live music is sweet. But there’s something about listening to a new album with a great pair of headphones…

The last show you saw? We had Milky Chance surprise an audience of 50 in a living room close to English Bay. People were losing it. I was stoked.

The musical instrument you play (or wish you could play)? I tried (unsuccessfully) to learn how to play the piano a few years ago, but I feel like I mastered the xylophone in Elementary School.

The first live show you saw? My first concert was the Chili Peppers “Californication” tour with the Foo Fighters opening for them after their “Learn to Fly” release. It was crazy, epic and will never be topped.

The album you currently have on repeat? Peach PitBeing So Normal.

The weirdest place you’ve ever seen a band play? A shoe factory in Strathcona.

Favourite venue in Vancouver? The Commodore just feels like home, ya know?

Your neighbourhood haunt? Greenhorn Espresso Bar – I’m there more than my girlfriend would like.

Drink of choice? 33 Acres of Sunshine mostly or, if it’s miraculously summer in Vancouver, the Brassneck Raspberry Changeling, GOD DAMN!

Most memorable Vancouver meal? I love Maenam, and each time is always as good as the first time. It’s incredible and I don’t know what we did to deserve a talent like Angus An.

The Vancouver restaurant you’ve been dying to try? Still haven’t been to Fayuca or Kissa Tanto, but I’m also really excited to check out St Lawrence.

Your favourite non-musical sound? You’re in the kitchen, and the butter in the pan just got hot enough, and you throw on a gorgeous rib-eye for the perfect sear.

Your audio medium of choice? I mean, live music is sweet. But there’s something about listening to a new album with a great pair of headphones…

The musician, living or dead, that you would most like to have a conversation with? Kanye West. He’s always pushing the envelope and is the greatest artist of our generation. Period.

Favourite local band/musician? All of our alumni, but I’m especially excited for my friends Chersea, I M U R and Peach Pit.

Your high school graduation song? Vitamin C – “The Graduation Song”, unfortunately.

The song that makes you cry? Banks – “Someone New”. It’s a pretty heartbreaking break-up song, but sung from the person breaking the heart. Banks kills it, as usual.

Where do you see yourself and Sofar in the next year? For Sofar Sounds, booking bigger international artists while supporting the local music community as much as we can. For me, p-lanning more fun, secretive things. Oh, and being 20 lbs lighter…

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    I feel like people who actually have living rooms in a city with near a zero vacancy rate don’t necessarily intersect with the type of audience members that SoFar Sounds is looking to attract.

    Sounds cool tho.

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