Dream Knives by Masakage on Sale at Main Street’s ‘Knifewear’

the GOODS from Knifewear

Vancouver, BC | Your dream knife just became more affordable! Knifewear holds one sale a year on our regular stock and this is it. For the month of February, while stocks last, all Masakage knives are 15% off. The Masakage sale is happening at all locations, and knifewear.com.

Kevin Kent, owner of Knifewear and an ex-chef himself, worked with Masakage owner, Takayuki Shibata, and his blacksmith partners at Takefu Knife Village to refine the design of the knives so they would not only work well for chefs, but also be capable and easy to use in home kitchens as well. Every detail of Masakage knives has been carefully thought out, from the materials used in both the blades and handles, to the overall shape and ergonomics. All aspects were scrutinized to ensure they were suitable for Knifewear customers.

Masakage knives offer a wide range of price points and materials. Some lines like the Kiri and Yuki are perfect for those looking for their first blacksmith-made knives because of their durability and easy price point. Some lines like the Mizu and Koishi are perfect for the professional chef or experienced home cook because of the next level edge capability. The Masakage Zero, (pictured above) is the flagship line, and is known for its luxurious good looks.

To learn more about Knifewear’s Masakage sale, and all of Masakage Knives’ lines visit knifewear.com/collections/masakage.

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