The Scout List, Vol. 455

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Jan. 17 to Jan. 23, 2018.
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The Scout List, Vol. 455

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from January 17 to January 23, 2018 Please note that you can now get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar.

FILM | Once each month The Cinematheque joins forces with Institute of Mental Health, UBC Department of Psychiatry to present “Frames of Mind,” a film screening followed by a presentation or panel discussion that aims to engage the public in an informal and educational dialogue about mental illness. This week you can catch The Light of the Moon, a powerful film about the aftermath of sexual assault that’s told entirely from the victim’s perspective. As the Village Voice explains: “Ultra-relevant. Here’s a film, written and directed by a woman, that throws into sharp relief one woman’s experiences of surviving sexual assault … Stephanie Beatriz delivers a masterful, considerate performance.” Watch the trailer here. Pretty powerful. Find out more.

Wed, Jan 17 | 7:30pm | $12 1131 Howe St. MAP

ESCAPE | Vancouver is expecting rain every day this week. How nice would it be to press pause on that? As unlikely as that might seem, there is a way. Hiding out at the Bloedel Conservatory for a few hours usually does the trick. While the Parks Board website explains that “the Conservatory sits beside the beautiful Quarry Gardens and has a panoramic view of the city’s skyline and mountain backdrop,” you won’t be seeing much of a skyline this week so forget about it. Instead, go inside for the artificial temperature, the exotic plants and flowers, and the free-flying tropical birds. With a little imagination you might just forget how miserable it is outside! Find out more.

Every day | 10am to 5pm | $6.50 4600 Cambie St, MAP

LOOKOUT | As part of PuSh Festival 2018, UK artist Andy Field will be at The Vancouver Lookout all week offering Vancouverites a glimpse into the future of their city. “Participants arrive at a location with a wide city vista. There, they listen to recordings from local children speaking as their older selves. The kids describe the future as they imagine it; they then arrive to talk with their listener in person. The cycle repeats itself, with the speakers casting further into the future each time. In the end, listeners are left alone to gaze and contemplate.” Sounds like a fascinating way to consider the direction our city could, should or might take. Each session is 30 minutes long and advance booking is strongly recommended as there is very limited capacity. Find out more.

Jan 20 + 21 | Various times | Free 555 West Hastings St. MAP

HISTORY | The Final Year is playing at Vancity Theatre. Filmmaker Greg Barker’s documentary chronicles the eighth and final year of Barack Obama’s Presidency, and shows a team of dedicated, smart, idealistic politicians “attempting to forge a progressive legacy while juggling extraordinarily complex issues with no easy answers.” Alissa Wilkinson (Vox) says it well: “The greatest thing about The Final Year, and the part that needs repeating over and over in our abrasive, attention-seeking political age, is that no matter what your method for bettering the world is, the real work is usually done quietly, in ways that defy pomp and fanfare.” Find out more.

Jan, 19, 20, 21, 23 | Various times | $13 1181 Seymour St MAP

PLAY | If the weekend can’t come fast enough for you and you’re racking your brain for an activity that’ll get you out of the house this Thursday, Cartems on West Broadway has you sorted. This week is their ‘Beer & Board Games’ night with 33 Acres beer and plenty of donuts to soak it up and keep your wits sharp! If there’s a game that’s dear to your heart you can BYO-Game but otherwise there will be plenty on hand. This event is also family-friendly and gluten-free friendly since there will be cider and Cartems own glutenless pastries available. Sweet! Find out more.

Thu, Jan 18 | 6-9pm 3040 West Broadway MAP

ART | After a long week, do yourself some good by treating your eyeballs and brain to some colourful art. We recommend hoofing it up to the Fraserhood for local “maximalist” artist Patrick Cruz’s “Bed Rock” art opening on Friday night. With inspiration spanning everything from science and ancient Greek mythology and the Flintstones cartoons, this is sure to be a stimulating and fun way to kick off the weekend. Find out more.

Fri, Jan 19 |  7-11pm | Duplex 4277 Fraser St. MAP

REVELRY | Strange Fellows Brewing celebrates a strange day each month. Drawn from cultures around the world and traditions of the past, the brewery has identified 12 of the oddest excuses to party and designed beer and festivities around them. This month they are all about the mid-winter pagan fire festival from Scotland’s Shetland Islands. It’s called Up Helly Aa and it involves singing, viking ships, beer and fire — a totally reasonable combo! Head in to Strange Fellows for a civilized taste of Black Moon Boilermakers (featuring White Rye from Resurrection Spirits & cask Blackmail Stout) and Scottish Hand Pies from the Pie Shoppe. Pro tip: wearing a kilt will get you showered in praise (and possibly beer). Find out more.

Jan 20 | 7-9pm | Strange Fellows 1345 Clark Dr. MAP

BEES | Hives For Humanity is holding a bee-centric evening of art, music, canapés and story-telling this week. Head down to The Fairmont Waterfront for Beekeepers Journey and hear guest speakers (from beekeepers and scientists to poets, farmers, and teachers) talk about how amazing and important bees are. There’s a lot to know about bees, and this is the group of people you want to learn it from. This event is for beekeepers, bee-enthusiasts, gardeners, nature-lovers and honey connoisseurs. Tickets are $69, which include canapes. Bonus: there will be a life-sized honeycomb sound/art installation on site. Find out more.

Sat, Jan. 20 | 6:30pm 900 Canada Place Way MAP

SHOP | Gravity Pope is holding one of their legendary outlet sales this weekend and the only thing better than a spot of shoe shopping is a heavily discounted spot of shoe shopping. From Vans and Adidas to Audley and Frye. Oh, and clothing, too! The sale continues until the 28th, but the popular sizes always fly off the shelves fast, so get in there sooner rather than later. Bonus: 33 Acres is really close by if you need a beer/breather. Find out more.

Now - Jan 28th | Thu-Sun | 11am – 5pm 24 West 7th Avenue MAP

CELEBRATE | While “Happy New Year!” is still a socially acceptable greeting you might as well keep the festive mood rolling by heading out to Abbotsford this Saturday for Field House Brewing’s 2nd anniversary celebration! Since opening, Field House has seriously revved up their production with some deliciously memorable beers. It’s no wonder then that they’re marking this special occasion by releasing the first of a new series of Foeder white oak tank brews. The aging process takes three months in the barrel, plus an additional four weeks of bottle-conditioning before making it way to the shelves (and your tastebuds). BONUS: the tasting room has tacos and pizza (pictured above, courtesy of Field House) to keep you sated while you cozy up by their wood-burning fireplace. Yup, you read that right: fireplace. How good does that sound right about now? Find out more.

Sat, Jan 20 | Field House Brewing 2281 W Railway St, Abbotsford MAP

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