National Starting Wage Increased at JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

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Vancouver, BC | JJ Bean Coffee Roasters exists to honour people. We have always been committed to compensating our staff well above industry standards, and recently have increased our starting wage to $14.00/hour nationally for all staff making less than $ 20.00/hour. Retail hourly wages now fall between $14 and $17 an hour.

The wage increase went into effect in Toronto on December 17th, 2017 and in Vancouver on January 14th, 2018. In order to offset the wage improvement, we increased our retail cafe prices by one to three percent.

In addition to hourly wages, we offer quarterly and yearly bonuses, medical benefits, and generous staff discounts. After one year of employment, all employees are eligible for a wellness plan that enables them to pay for fitness, education, and general wellness courses. Employees are also eligible to buy into the company as shareholders after one year.

Our “levels” system provides staff the opportunity to increase their wages as they improve their skills and knowledge. We also provide career advancement, and promoting from within whenever possible to our non-retail positions in our administration, construction, technician, distribution, and wholesale teams.

We believe people have intrinsic value and that everyone who takes part in the journey of coffee — from farmers to baristas — deserves to be fairly rewarded for their work.


Senior Leadership Team
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

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