The Sneaky Personal Heritage Homage Hidden in This Cafe Logo on Commercial Drive

Branding Vancouver is a new column in which we look at some of the more interesting logos and icons that appear in Vancouver’s food and beverage scene. Some of the explanations will be long and others short, but the goal of deeper understanding will be constant. If you want the backstory of a particularly compelling local brand revealed, let us know via @scoutmagazine and we’ll try to figure it out.

Spade mugs lining a shelf in the cafe | Photo: Scout Magazine

The Brand: This week we take a look at the fresh branding at Sammy Piccolo’s latest contribution to Commercial Drive, Spade Cafe (featured in our Opening Soon section this past November). The spade logo sees 11 vertical cuts in it, the middle two being swords. It is featured on all branded surfaces (including mugs) with one version displayed in decorative faux turf high up on an interior wall.

Illustration by: Reiko Cunningham.

The Story: straight from the mouth of owner Sammy Piccolo…

The Spade signifies my North American and Italian roots by combining both playing cards suits that are spelled the same way. If you look closely inside the Spade you will notice the swords, which is also spelled “Spade” in Italian. So that was my way of combining our West Coast meets Italy name and design.

Decorative turf spade on one of the interior walls | Photo: Scout Magazine

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