On Ending the Grizzly Hunt and Infiltrating Point Grey’s Mansion Zone

Snowfall in Chinatown, Dec. 19, 2017 | Photo: Michelle Sproule

Densify the rich: Vancouver Councillor Pushes Proposal to Densify Point Grey Mansion Zone. Wow, do I actually like an NPA councillor? Is he actually making sense? Man, this housing crisis is doing weird things to people. Does he not know that Point Grey is his base? Does he really want to piss off rich people?

Because I do: Time To Make Life Hard For The Rich. Granted, this goes a little bit beyond densifying rich neighbourhoods…

Speaking of rich people, they’re easily trapped inside the British Properties:

Hey Seattle, why don’t you mind your own fucking business? Vancouver Study Shows Why Seattle’s HALA Is Doomed To Fail.

But this is a market that’s dominated not by the forces of supply and demand, but by finance, which sets into motion a growth that’s dependent on an increasing supply of debt. This is why its valoration processes cannot expunge crashes. This is why, during a boom, capital must deepen. It can’t do otherwise, let alone be directed to affordable housing or even sunk into long-term developments. Who is going to pay the huge and pressing debts on these investments that are anticipating high yields?

Speaking of Seattle, did you hear they might be getting an NHL team? Potential names include The Seattle Baristas, The Seattle Frasier Cranes, The Seattle Amazons, and the Seattle Salmon Tossers.

Speaking of names, the Suicidal Seniors would be a rad band name: ‘We see suicidal seniors’: B.C. housing crisis forcing elderly into the streets. Prediction: this will be totally normalized under late capitalism.

David Eby’s dilemma in the wake of Site C. Wherein Charlie Smith posits the idea that Eby should join the Green Party.

And yet, as Martyn Brown points out, the Liberals aren’t happy that their own project went ahead either. “They won’t have Horgan to kick around as the ‘idiot’ who gave over 2,000 Site C workers and their families only pink slips for Christmas”: Martyn Brown: Recall on Site C, Andrew Weaver? Seriously? Careful what you wish for.

Even the fairly centrist pragmatist Jagmeet Singh is disappointed with the decision:

Of course, not everyone is disappointed in the NDP’s decision: Why John Horgan deserves credit for going ahead with Site C.

Stephen Rees is disappointed with Macleans.

Not to be outdone however… Prime Minister challenges B.C. Premier to ‘disappoint off’.

Hero of the day: Someone is auctioning Premier Horgan’s ‘stake’ in the Peace over Site C

The cynic in me reads this next headline as a quick concession, hoping we will forget about the damn dam: Province ends grizzly bear hunt throughout all B.C..

Taxed to death: How Vancouver’s small business are falling victim to soaring property tax. Actually, this is a result of spot zoning and Vancouver businesses aren’t taxed to death because we have the lowest commercial property tax rate in Canada.

They’re baaaack: Human foot in shoe found on Vancouver Island beach. Remind me to go as a human foot in a shoe next Halloween.

Nazi punks fuck off: Pro-Nazi audience member ejected from downtown Vancouver bar.

RIP: Westender newspaper will close after 68 years in business in Vancouver.

Satire of the day: Canadians celebrate annual ritual of buying eggnog and remembering it is disgusting.

Bonus: A Canadian Watched ‘LOTR: Return of the King’ 361 Times on Netflix This Year

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  1. But Sean, Point Grey is the base of both Vision and the NPA. Vision is just better at spinning itself as the party of the progressive middle class!!1

  2. I can’t help but be certain there’s something missing from the commercial property taxes article you linked. I know a major issue is how the city of Vancouver valuates the property based on best use rather than what’s actually there. If they taxed based on what the actual property was we likely wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  3. Come on, some girl is upset at a nazi salute crossing her boundaries? Immediately after she was jumping & cheering to lyrics that include grotesque humilation, excruciating torture, burning parents, eating babies alive, fucking women with knives, and worse? Ogrish.

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