Yaletown’s Fayuca Launches Lunch Service, Debuts New Menu

The GOODS from Fayuca

Vancouver, BC | Fayuca is excited to announce that we just launched lunch service. This new menu features homestyle comfort food inspired by the Pacific Northwest (of Mexico), and is served Monday to Friday, starting at 11:30am.

Highlights of the lunch menu include caguamanta, a seafood stew with grilled humboldt squid in a toasted chile and tomato broth; albondigas, beef and pork meatballs served on toasted bread; arroz con pollo, roasted chicken with brown rice, tomato, sofrito, aioli, and greens; a green salad with avocado, kale, green beans, and roasted onions, served on a bed of split pea hummus; and a fideo pasta with tomato sauce, fried egg, avocado and feta.

It also features staples from our dinner menu that have made Fayuca such a success since we opened the doors back in April. Including our guacamole with crispy sunchokes, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a feta; albacore crudo salad with watercress, greens, grilled radicchio, avocado, and parsnips; and two of our most popular ceviches: one with roasted beets and one with cured sockeye salmon.

All food that leaves the kitchen at Fayuca comes from the best farms, fisheries, and suppliers. Everything on your plate is organic or chemical free, whenever possible, and all seafood is sustainable and wild caught. Our menus always have something for everyone as there are numerous vegan and vegetarian options.

To view the menu visit or make a reservation visit www.fayuca.ca. Walk-ins are always welcome.


1009 Hamilton Street | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604.689.8523
Web: www.fayuca.ca | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Hours: 4pm-late every day


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Partner/Owner – Ernesto Gomez
Partner/Owner – Jair Tellez
Partner/Owner – Darragh McFeely
Managers – Chris Hesje, Francisco Lopez



Fayuca is a term used in Northern Mexico to describe petty contraband goods smuggled over the border like clothes, liquor, and food. In the context of Yaletown’s newest restaurant, Fayuca is inspired by the free flow of flavours and ideas across borders, up and down the Pacific Coastline. Located in the former Hamilton Street Grill (1009 Hamilton, at Nelson), this beautifully designed restaurant seats 100+, including patio.

Fayuca only sources products from the best farms, fisheries, and suppliers. Farmed products are organic or chemical free, whenever possible. Seafood products are sustainable and wild caught. The menu has something for everyone as there are numerous vegan options.

“Fayuca’s food is inspired by flavours and memories of the Pacific Northwest region of Mexico, but expressed with ingredients found in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our menu is quality and sustainability focused. They’re always be new additions to the menu not only seasonally, but every time you visit,”.


Possibly the most interesting restaurant to land in Yaletown in the last decade.” – Andrew Morrison, Scout Magazine

“It’s not Mexican food. But I felt it was Mexican enough to tweet out, ‘Best Mexican food in town.’” – Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun

“With it’s focus on Mexican flavours and the Northern Pacific, Co-owners Chef Ernesto Gomez and Mexican-based chef Jair Tellez have a created a wonderous eatery that celebrates life and deliciousness. From the ambience of the tiki décor to the vibe and synergy of the staff to the food and drinks it all works in rhythm.” Richard Wolak, Vancouver Foodster

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