On Substance Undermining Leadership Races and Being Afraid to Deal With Racism

I was rooting for Niki but this is pretty cool too. Gurpreet Singh: Jagmeet Singh’s victory represents defeat of political right in Canada and India. While the headline is laughable, this is still an amazing achievement. Let’s hope he is more substance than style and that he can reject the politics of centrism in favour of a return to the party’s socialist roots. Of course, as my friend Arlen notes:

I’m digging that Jagmeet Singh won, but getting excited about a new federal NDP leader is like getting excited about a new season of the Canucks… You like the team and the game they play; they can put together a good season and maybe even get to the big dance. But you know in your heart that they’ll never take home the cup…

Related: Nation excited to briefly consider Jagmeet Singh before giving Trudeau a second term.

Meanwhile, Vice publishes a handy guide: All the People Who Are Not Jagmeet Singh.

He won with a message of love and courage, a little to similar to Obama’s “Yes We Can” platitudes, and despite article like this: Instant Memberships Undermining Leadership Races, Says Former Politician. Take a knee, Tyee. They aren’t even being subtle about how racist this article is — it’s not even a dog whistle:

The only people who can really take advantage of this the way it is are the ethnic groups,” Scott said. “It’s a group of people who are orchestrated. Some groups are more open to being manipulated than others.”

Old white dude angry that the NDP is growing their party? Oh, I see…not the “right” kind of members.

It’s the Toronto Star’s turn to get in on the act: Why is the NDP different from other parties? Never mind the historical revisionism, here’s some more not so subtle racism:

Of the current crop, Jagmeet Singh is clearly the gimmickiest, their latest quick ticket to power: GQ spread, martial arts, colourful headgear.

Why not ask him what he thinks of sharia law! ‘I’m not racist’: Jagmeet Singh’s heckler posts video defending herself.

Oh dear. Next she’s going to ask for proof that racism exists:

Whatever proof you show- whether it is evidence to demonstrate the presence of systemic racism or social racism; implicit racism or explicit racism; conscious racism or unconscious racism- will never be enough. They will employ every move-the-goal-post, bait-and-switch, logical-fallacy, false-equivalence, appeal-to-the-absurd, argumentum-ad-dictionarium, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, bar-raising, unrealistic-expectation, persnickety-pseudo-science tactic at their disposal to deny that what you’ve brought forth is solid and correct- or even mildly reasonable. And the gag is that if you don’t bring it forth, they’ll accuse you of being The Real Racist®. They think this is the perfect no-win situation in which to place you.

It keeps going: Bloc Leader Martine Ouellet Suggests Jagmeet Singh Is Too Religious For Quebec. Was Harper too religious? Fucking hell. “If the crucifix hanging above the speaker’s chair in Quebec’s National Assembly isn’t a threat to Quebec’s democracy, the seven meters of cotton around Jagmeet Singh’s head aren’t either. It’s time we stop hiding racism and xenophobia in the guise of ‘secularism.'” – Manveer Singh Sihota.

“When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” ‘We, as Canadians, Are Afraid to Deal With Racism’.

Decolonize: Siwash Rock needs its ‘derogatory’ name changed, park board commissioner says.

Meanwhile, Racism blamed for B.C. hit-and-run victim’s early hospital discharge. Add a healthy dose of classism to that, too.

When right wingers don’t even know they are right wingers: Politics in Alberta school: Conservatives are almost fascist and Greens are centrist.

We’ll take him: Montreal Alouettes approach Colin Kaepernick about playing in CFL.

But we won’t take her: Canada is banning Chelsea Manning from entering the country.

I know this is appearing near the end of my round-up but make no mistake, this is one of the most important articles ever written: 5 Types of Hypebeast and where they eat in Vancouver.

Sports angst: Did Versace rip off Canucks’ so-called Flying Skate logo?

Regarding the shootings in Las Vegas shooting: Things more heavily regulated than buying a gun in the United States.

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  1. I don’t know what is worse comparing Kapernick to Manning or linking to dailyhive? Seriously though if we want to complain about who we are letting into Canada and still link it to CFL here are two better options: the Ticats wanted to a) hire Art Briles (of Baylor Sex Scandal fame) and b) hire Johnny Manziel (domestic abuser).

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