Artist Marisa Pahl to Debut New Series of Works Inspired by Canadian Coasts at Kafka’s

The GOODS from Kafka’s

Vancouver, BC | Having recently completed journeys to Haida Gwaii and Newfoundland, local artist Marisa Pahl brings to Kafka’s a new series of works inspired by these trips. Join us Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 8pm for an opening reception celebrating this new exhibit!

We’d like to thank Nicola MacNeil for sharing an amazing exhibit with us this past month and a half. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks also to everyone who purchased one of Nicola’s works. Your support makes it possible for us to continue inviting brilliant local artists to bring beauty to our walls!



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Aaron Kafka, owner
Michael Schwartz, curator



Kafka’s Coffee strives to serve the best tasting drinks possible. Every cup of coffee is brewed to order with specifications to highlight the natural flavours of the coffee. Our single origin coffees change regularly to reflect the seasonality of each coffee and ensure freshness. Kafka’s coffees are freshly roasted by Herkimer Coffee Roasters in Seattle, Washington. Together we work tirelessly to source the highest quality coffees while adhering to ethical sourcing.

Kafka’s offers a delicious seasonal drink menu that includes freshly squeezed lemonade and nitro cold brew in the summer, and local hot apple cider in the fall.

In addition to being a quality focused cafe we love to support our Mount Pleasant community. Kafka’s also functions as an art gallery showcasing the work of local emerging artists.

About the Gallery | Curator Michael Schwartz has created a unique arts program that supports local artists by providing them with an affordable, high-visibility venue in which to exhibit their work. Our walls regularly feature rotating solo and group shows of painting, photography, graphic design and other two-dimensional work. Some notable artists we have featured include: Ola Volo, Drew Young, Andrea Wan, Brian Skinner, Sarah Gee, Sean Karemaker, and Randy Grskovic

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