On Awaiting Yogurt Jerky And The Things People Steal From Bars


by Talia Kleinplatz | Liquor.com pays a visit the Vancouver’s recently opened Botanist to check out its innovative and distinctly Pacific Northwest cocktail program.

How one start-up is attempting to hone in on the late-night foodie crowd with delivery-by-bike between 9pm and 4am in the downtown core.

Local artist Sitji Chou shares his thoughts on favourite dumpling spots, cheap eats and splurge-worthy meals.

The folks at Wine Spectator have announced their awards for the best restaurants of 2017. They recognize exceptional wine programs and include the likes of Seattle’s Canalis and Toronto’s Opus Restaurant.

From disco balls to drum sets and toilet paper to glassware, Munchies rounds up a list of the craziest things people have stolen from bars.

Scout asked for your input on the best spots to eat in Kits and the results are in! Fable is currently at the top with Cacao and AnnaLena neck and neck at second and third. Check out the full list here.

In an effort to determine once and for all if there are indeed health benefits to moderate drinking, The National Institutes of Health are conducting a massive clinical trial, but you’ll never guess who’s footing the bill…

Chinatown’s much anticipated Rhinofish has recently opened its doors to the public and is specializing in traditional Taiwanese fare including beef noodles and crispy chicken nuggets.

The Globe and Mail’s Alexandra Gill pays a visit to El Santo in New West. With changes coming to the kitchen and bar, she is cautiously hopeful but finds the current hype premature.

The fascinating story of the criminal underworld of beekeeping. Between January and June 2016 in California alone, over 1700 hives had been reported stolen by local apiarists.

The future of food is a strange and unusual world which includes yoghurt jerky, mealworms and 3d printed pasta.

In the face of daunting questions around the environment and sustainability, Mother Jones has rounded up some good news for the food world including a multi-state fight against dangerous pesticides and the ongoing growth of Michelle Obama’s White House garden.

Acclaimed chef Grant Achatz and partner Nick Kokonas have opened a New York outpost of their Chicago bar The Office and not surprisingly the menu sounds out of this world!

“The actual menu is short, with selections identified by an ingredient or recognizable drink name.  The spicy and powerful Tequila is a concoction with grapefruit, ginger, horseradish, and lapsong souchong. The fruity Old Fashioned includes strawberry, multiple fernets, and orange oil, while Melton’s highly unconventional take on an Amaretto Sour includes black truffle, 70-proof Cynar, and smoked salt.”

The lessons of chef Sean Brock’s recovery journey is a profound one in an industry where it’s often difficult to seek support for mental health and substance use issues.

Noma founder René Redzepi launches an app to help children in Denmark learn about food and foraging.

Sick of Instagram photos of avocado toast and smoothie bowls? Turns out you’re not alone. Food 52 asked their audience to weigh in on the most annoying Instagram food trends and the response was overwhelming!

And speaking of food and Instagram, Eater looks at the aspirational aspect of our obsessive, edible posts.

“Over-the-top, intensely trend-driven, and visually arresting, Instagram food is almost always something to be obtained, rather than cooked or created. It’s elusive and aspirational, something instantly recognizable yet only minimally available…”

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @alyssalortie and this stunning spread from the farmer’s market.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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