On ‘Douchebag’ Getting Its Due And Orcas Terrifying A Couple Of Bros


Your National Post: Howard Anglin: Trudeau is making Omar Khadr rich, and he still hasn’t told us why. Um, you don’t know why? Why are you writing this if you can’t understand that his rights were violated and that no government is above the Charter? Really simple stuff here…

What’s worse is that an actual Canadian senator, the sister of George W. Bush’s neocon speechwriter, doesn’t understand it either:

Yeah, actually we do. The Supreme Court said so, Linda.

This is the cover of 24 Hours. This is what you call weaponized media.

Jonathan Kay expands:

This is the language of right-wing social panic. We heard a lot of it in the months and years after Sept. 11 attacks, until Western societies eventually learned to do a better job balancing security versus civil rights, fear versus compassion. But in the peculiar case of Khadr, this social panic was singularly stubborn: when Khadr finally was released from prison in 2015, Prime Minister Stephen Harper still refused to admit that he’d gone overboard in his effort to keep the former child soldier locked up.

Finding the correct balance becomes impossible in a climate of hysteria and paranoia. Khadr deserves his apology, and his money — even if it won’t buy him back his lost Gitmo years. If the outlay helps us remember not to lose our moral compass the next time a child soldier comes up for judgment, it will pay dividends for years to come.

I’m sure the same people outraged about their tax dollars going to Khadr’s settlement are equally outraged that they are going to the CBC to platform a piece of human garbage like Gavin McInnes: CBC Interview With ‘Proud Boys’ Founder Gavin McInnes Goes Off The Rails. Wait, the Proud Boys got their name from Aladdin? I’d call them wankers, but they’re not even allowed to wank. Oh, also…time to throw out all of your Fred Perry shirts guys.

Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For.

For the time being, this is the vernacular critique of whiteness that we’ve always needed, and its been right before our eyes all along. The term douchebag, again used as we already use it, has the power to name white ruling class power and white sexist privilege as noxious, selfish, toxic, foolish and above all, dangerous.

So, by that rationale, Gavin McInnes, John RobsonTucker CarlsonPrince Charles and Justin Trudeau are all douchebags…

Indigenous communities have to lead before Ottawa hands over funding, says Justin Trudeau. Nicholas Ellan responds:

If you’re flabbergasted by Trudeau on this, you just don’t understand how racist Canadians are. This is how racist Canadians are. Trudeau is right, the money is there. All the paperwork is in order. The programs exist. There’s nothing more he can do. There’s no plan or program to starve First Nations any more, because there doesn’t need to be. Everyone’s internalized racism is quite enough, so there’s no need for those overt genocide programs anymore. It’s not any particular point in the system that is causing this inequity. It’s the many people working in it, making mundane decisions – very few of which smack of outright bias if taken by themselves – that add up to a towering wall of mistreatment and neglect. The one time there was actually a sign saying “don’t give natives medicine” is proof that this usually doesn’t require signage. You cannot reconcile with a wall, but this is what Trudeau is demanding First Nations do.

And if the alt-right is made up of douchebags, I guess that makes me a dirtbag: The rise of the internet’s ‘dirtbag left’.

What Michelle Obama—or Canadian writer Jonathan Kay, who recently issued a critique of social media boorishness in a National Post essay—miss in their clarion calls for civility is that, for many, politics isn’t just some academic discussion or reimagining of a collegiate debate club: It’s a battle. It’s about drastically opposed visions of society rubbing against each in open conflict. The reinvigorated left doesn’t want to debate; it wants to disgrace.

Making fun of people is fun: Singles Boat Party. The stock photos, the heteronormativeness, the Coal Harbour condo… this is pure gold.

Meanwhile, in Alberta: The Messed-Up Story Behind Alberta’s Sad Tradition of Throwing Loonies at Strippers.

Bonus: Whytecliff Park swimmers scramble to safety as killer whales swim by. Only one person has ever been injured by a wild orca, so this is a non-story. The real story should be is that they are clearly desperate, as salmon stocks are dwindling. But then where is the fun in that?

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