The Indian Summer Festival Kicks Off With 22 Events At 12 Venues Over 10 Days


The Indian Summer Festival kicks off this week. With 22 events at 12 venues over 10 days, this is a festival with a lot to experience. Expect musical performances, brain-expanding talks, visual arts exhibitions, public art programming, and some really, really great food. Scout asked event organizers to choose their “Must Attend” event (see below), but for a full overview, skip over to the festival website here.

Event #1: In-Between Worlds – An Evening with MG Vassanji
Carmen Rodriguez:  “As a bilingual and bicultural writer myself, this is a must-attend event. Vassanji’s characters echo those in my work and, I am sure, they also resonate with all those Canadians whose lives have taken them across oceans and into new worlds.”

Event #2: Parcels & Fugue States
Vikram Vij:  “Anosh Irani is someone who has travelled a similar route to myself, in that he came from India and now lives in Vancouver. His talks are legendary and compelling – much like his books and his theatre work.”

Event #3: Morning Raga
Bif Naked: “This musical gift features sitarist Mohamed Asani and tabla player Amarjeet Singh. I am a huge fan, having been raised listening to classical and semi-classical Indian music and Hindustani music. I’m particularly enamoured with tabla, as my father loved trying to teach his three daughters (I am the middle kid) tabla singing and taal. This performance will entertain, move, and transform the audience, who will be better for having experienced this blessed start to the day. Don’t miss this!”

Event #4: Here Is Where We Meet
Mohamed Assani: “Dr. L Subramaniam is a revered figure in music globally. His command on the violin is so immense that he can play in any style or genre convincingly.  I’ve admired his Carnatic music and his work with Western orchestras, but hearing his jazz collaboration is my favourite. I particularly loved his collaboration with jazz violinist Stephan Grappelli. The album they made together is called ‘Conversations’ and it’s just so melodic and beautiful. I love hearing how two musicians, playing the same instrument from different traditions and musical viewpoints, can converse so fluently. That’s why I can’t wait to hear this concert with another jazz great, Ernie Watts.”

Event #5: Graphically SpeakingSirish Rao: “Recommending just one event is like being asked which of your children is your favourite! Having said that, I’m a huge fan of first meetings. I’m looking forward to ‘Graphically Speaking’, when legendary graphic novelist Joe Sacco meets Molly Crabapple (rising star of the art world) for the first time. Previously, Joe has praised Molly’s work from afar. He says, ‘In a few short years, Molly Crabapple has proved to be one of the most determined and effective political artists working in these sorry times. I wish there were a hundred or even two or three like her.’ They’re both in conversation with the brilliant Indian writer Raghu Karnad. For those who those who value the intersection of art and politics, it doesn’t get much better than this.”

July 6-15 | Various times/locations/prices | DETAILS

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