On Vancouver’s Best Restaurants & Peacocks That Drink Too Much

by Talia Kleinplatz | Local chocolatier Lisa Lou converts her Main Street Chocolate Bar into an ice cream shop for the summer, serving up a selection of frozen goodies including floats, banana splits and sundaes.

Peacock versus animal control officer in a liquor store: who will destroy more bottles?

Swedish brewery names beer “F**k you I’m Millwall” after British man who fought with London bridge terrorists.

Summer has finally arrived and Scout has a selection of warm weather sippers for your ranking consideration.

A few months after announcing their concept for a grocery store sans checkout lines, Amazon has purchased Whole Foods for a whopping 13.7 billion dollars.

For all you cheese lovers, this one’s for you! NPR explores the wonderful world of cheesemonger competitions and what it takes to be the best.

CNN declares these interesting spots the 20 most underrated restaurants in the world.

Bummer: Chinatown’s iconic Hon’s restaurant is on its way out.

Put down that jar of coconut oil and read this article outlining why everyone that told you how good the stuff is for you is wrong.

“….this week, the American Heart Association issued an advisory that says coconut oil isn’t particularly good for you to eat. Never was. Still isn’t. According to the statement, which cites a variety of scientific evidence, you shouldn’t be eating coconut oil at all, really.”

NPR traces the carbon footprint of a BLT. Spoiler alert: It’s more significant than you’d think.

Christine Sismondo rounds up the best drink books of the season in The Globe and Mail.

Vancouver Magazine’s Neil McLennan thinks he found the best sandwich in the city at Chinatown’s Say Hey Cafe.

The Scout 25 Summer Edition is here! Now’s your chance to weigh in on some of the best restaurants in the city. Currently in the lead (again) is Savio Volpe, with Ask For Luigi not far behind.

Calling all foodies and sneakerheads! Momofuku and Nike have joined forces to release a pair of limited edition high tops inspired by the acclaimed New York City restaurant.

In the booziest deal of the decade, George Clooney has sold his tequila company to Diageo for almost a billion dollars.

Ikea is standing up and taking notice of the staggering amount of food going to waste every year. Their plan? Cut their food waste in half by 2020.

For those lacking in wine knowledge, the folks at Bon Appetit have developed a helpful guide to purchasing a great bottle.

Subpar airline food be gone! Vancouver’s Dynasty and Botanist have partnered with Hong Kong Airlines to offer business class passengers first rate fare.

Forget the frosé, it’s the summer of spritz! Vogue shares three versions of the classic aperitif cocktail.

Restaurateurs speculate as to why the industry continues to struggle despite record numbers of people choosing to dine out.

“Today’s restaurant renaissance is an expression of the long-term growth of leisure spending in the U.S. But there’s nothing leisurely about the restaurant business today. The superabundance of quality and variety among restaurateurs has created cut-throat competition, particularly in the fast casual sector.”

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @bitesofvncvr and this ice cream cone piled high just in time for the start of summer!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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