Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week


The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week, from our calendar to yours!

SHOP | The Gastown Shop Hop happens this Thursday night. The one-night-only event offers Vancouverites the opportunity to cruise some of Gastown’s best shops to check out all of the new wares and be treated to great deals, in-store specials, and the occasional cupcake or sip of bubbles. Even if you’re not looking to spend, the vibe is good and the business owners are friendly. Get hopping!
Thu, June 8 | 5pm–9pm | Various very cool locations | FREE to browse | DETAILS

BIKE | June is Bike Month! Cycling enthusiasts of all types will be congregating under one roof to share their love and knowledge for the inaugural Main Street Bike Expo. Pedal on down to the Ellis Building this Saturday, June 10th for a day-long celebration of everything two-wheeled, including workshops, a photography show and bicycle “beauty pageant” — all followed by an evening musical brewery tour. Party with Vancouver’s creative biking community and get tuned up for the (hopefully) long summer ahead.
Sat, June 10 | 11-6pm | Ellis Building (1024 Main St.) | $3 | DETAILS

COMMUNITY | As the last remaining piece of large, undeveloped land in downtown Vancouver, what happens with Northeast False Creek is a big deal – and big changes are coming. Viaducts will be brought down, buildings will be erected, traffic will impacted, and green spaces will (hopefully) grow. The COV has been busy reaching out to community members to hear what we all want for this area and they are ready to unveil their preliminary findings at a Draft Area Plan Open House this weekend. Because change is often a contentious topic, this informative event runs as part of a Northeast False Creek Block Party (because people are less likely to get grumpy when ice cream, sidewalk chalk drawing and balloons are involved). Get involved.
Sat,  June 10 | 11am-7pm | Carrall Street/Andy Livingstone Park (Expo Blvd @ Keefer St.) | DETAILS

COLLABORATE | Graphically Speaking is a photography and illustration collaborative project between Vancouver-based photographer Olivia Sari-Goerlach and twelve Singapore-based visual artists. Before leaving Singapore for Vancouver, Sari-Goerlach contacted a bunch of artists whose work she admired and asked them to sit for a portrait. She then gave each artist a print of the portrait that she felt best captured their personality and set them to work, the idea being that each participant would fill up the negative space around their figures with graphics in the styles they were best known for. The collaborative end results can be seen at Sari-Goerlach’s open studio this weekend. Super coolest bit: the artist is hoping to meet some interested fellow artists who would like to collaborate in the series.
Sat, June 10 | 2pm | 1818 Lorne St | DETAILS

MAKE | Mini Maker Faire hits the PNE Forum this weekend. A cross between a science fair, a community fair, a farmer’s market and an art show, this gig will have everything from workshops and information booths to performances and collaborations. Expect to meet enthusiastic textile designers, craft brewing fanatics, builders, engineers, scientists and artists – all excited to explain things and answer questions. This is an event that celebrates our power to make, remake, and create things, so clear your schedule, snap up a few tickets and roll up your sleeves for a fun day of hacking, crafting and inventing.
June 10 & 11 | 10am-6pm | PNE Forum (2901 E Hastings St) | $15 | DETAILS

GO BOWLING | The sun was nice while it lasted, but it looks like our weather is reverting back to sucky. Instead of getting down about it, plan some indoor fun. Grab some friends and hit the bowling alley. Commodore Lanes on Granville Street and Grandview Lanes over on Commercial are good places to start. While Grandview offers 5-pin and 10-pin bowling with the added bonus of black light (ooh, look at it glow!) bowling, Commodore Lanes also boasts 21 billiard tables and a lounge. In the end, both venues have all the elements necessary for a good (indoor) time, so hit ’em up.
Grandview Lanes | 10am-11pm (1am on weekends) | 2195 Commercial | DETAILS
Commodore Lanes | 11am-12am (1am on weekends) | 838 Granville | DETAILS

WANDER | Italian Day takes over The Drive this Sunday, and so what if a little drizzle is expected? Commercial Drive will be closed to traffic from Venables to Grandview to allow pedestrians to bounce safely between barbecue stations, gelato booths, patios and live music performances, and that always makes for good times. Add to all of that more than a few options for a good cup of coffee, a display of classic cars, and the occasional impromptu bocce game and you have a solidly inspired Sunday. This year the theme of the festival is Love. From Festival organizers “In Italian, Amore means love. Whether in philosophy or in its endearing use of expression, it lies at the heart of Italian culture and its lifestyle. It is a universal language and an exchange evoking many things: affection, romance, passion, respect, creativity, and commitment. It is life, unity and the pursuit for an emotional connection; and is shared in relationships, arts and culture, at the dinner table, in our daily work, in pursued dreams, and in community.” Remember to leave the car at home, as driving hereabouts will be impossible.
Sun, June 11 | 12pm-8pm | Commercial Drive (Venables to Grandview) | Free | DETAILS

POP-UP | This Sunday night, the Orchard & The Sea pop-up cider bar teams up with Rabbit’s Foot Supper Club for a proper end-to-the-weekend feast that sees thoughtfully composed dishes presented with cider pairings. Think halibut with soft poached egg, nettles and blood orange with a glass of Bereziartua cider; a splash of Alpenfire Pirate’s Plank cider to wash back smoked mussels and peppery arugula on brioche; black currant and cardamom cider with some blood pudding, apples, cauliflower, curry and puffed rice; slow roasted wild boar with some Manoir du Kinkiz; and a finish of Salt Spring wild hopped apricot cider alongside some sweet yoghurt, honey, bergamot and fennel. Punctuate your weekend with good food, new friends and a few plugs of cider.
Sun, June 11 | 7-11 pm | The Birds and the Beets (55 Powell St.) | $75/50 | DETAILS

SALE | If you’ve ever asked someone where they picked up a beautiful piece of clothing only to be told they got it at a warehouse sale on the super cheap and wondered how it is that you can find out about and attend these mysterious events – this is your chance! South Granville’s Misch Boutique and Gastown’s One of a Few have joined forces to bring you the most excellent of excellent warehouse sales this weekend. Discounted prices – we’ve seen items for up to 80% off retail – will be on sale this Sunday between 10am and 3pm (conveniently located right next to Red Truck Brewery) at 285 East 1st Avenue.
Sat, June 11 | 10am-4pm | #140 – 285 East 1st Ave. | DETAILS

ART | Taken in passively as part of a daily commute or discovered unexpectedly on a neighbourhood wander, appreciating art through large scale public murals is a much different experience than that found in a traditional gallery setting. We love that this kind of art is community building, conversation starting and wholly accessible. Take your mural appreciation to the next level by tagging along on one of the official Mural Festival tours aimed at connecting art enthusiasts with details of who created which mural, what their artistic vision was, and what their processes involved. Attend a few of these tours and by the time Mural Fest 2017 rolls around (August 7-12) you’ll be an absolute expert.
Sat, June 10 | Meet outside of Kafkas Coffee + Tea (2525 Main St) | $20/30 | DETAILS


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