How To Shop Granville Island Public Market To Make The Most Of A BBQ Weekend


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Vancouver, BC | When hours of sunshine outnumber those of darkness, neither effort nor excuse is required to pull together a gathering of friends and family for an outdoor meal. This time of year, there are only three necessities for entertainment: a grill, quality ingredients and good company.

It’s likely that, if you own a barbecue, May’s eight consecutive days of sunshine reawakened your yen to grill. With this extra sense in overdrive, it’s time to spend a day walking among the aisles of Granville Island’s Public Market. With this fresh perspective, everything from the stalls of produce and displays of meat and fish beg the tantalizing question of, “Can I grill that?”


Bite-sized heirloom tomatoes practically beg to be impaled on a skewer, along with diced zucchini, onions, and whole local white and crimini mushrooms. Vegetarian kebabs are the perfect, simple and fun accompaniment to any main dish, such as fish. Fortunately, BBQ season and sockeye salmon season coincide since the exceptionally colourful and hearty fish is perfectly suited for grilling. Get your fix from the enthusiastic seafood-loving folks at Seafood City and then head over to the Vancouver Olive Oil Company – another must-stop this season. Since oil is key for good grilling, filling up on their selection of seasonal infused olive oils – like the Eureka Lemon flavour – is a smart way to instantly elevate any grilled protein or vegetable dish.


Of course, firing up the grill can also fire up some serious cravings for traditional and meaty barbecue fare. The Public Market has no shortage of passionate, knowledgeable butchers to help you satisfy those carnivorous hunger pangs. Armando’s Meats is sure to have something special on offer, like handmade bison burgers, and Oyama Sausage Co. is your destination for sausages. Who needs hotdogs when you can fill your bun with their southern pulled pork and chili cheese bratwursts instead? Among other things, Tenderland Meats has marinated meats, if you want to eliminate the preparation and get straight to the cooking.


While the barbecue itself may be the centrepiece and catalyst for your warm weather gatherings, you’ll likely also be wanting something cooler to balance the heat. Fresh green peas are tiny gems that offer big inspiration. Plus, there is something simply satisfying about the methodical act of coaxing open fresh pea pods and removing the green pearls from their shells. Cooked, pureed and enlivened by the addition of fresh mint, they also make an excellent topping for bruschetta. While preparing the peas, put your grill to use toasting a sliced Terra Breads French ficelle – the more slender baguette is also the ideal size for BBQ canapés.


The barbecue season may be limited, but the inspiration at the Public Market is never-ending…so take advantage of every sunny opportunity and don’t hesitate to humour your grilling curiosity!

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 About Granville Island


Granville Island is an urban haven spilling over with fine restaurants, theatres, galleries and studios, and of course, fresh food. For over 35 years, the Public Market has delighted Vancouverites. Some of the Market’s businesses continue to flourish after 20, 25, and even 35 years on Granville Island. Some of the newer businesses are fast becoming Vancouver traditions in their own right. You’ll find over 50 passionate experts eager to share their knowledge on everything there is to know about their offerings of fresh produce, gourmet foods, baked goods, seafood, and more.

Granville Island’s restaurants are downright tantalizing, ranging from laid-back West Coast to elegantly gourmet. A romantic night out, a café lunch with friends, meeting the gang for patio cocktails at sunset…our places cover the waterfront. Outdoor seating extends out onto old wooden piers, providing an up close view of Vancouver’s scenic water life along with your meal.

Along with the Railspur District with handmade apparel and jewelry, The Net Loft Shops with arts and crafts, local breweries & distilleries, and annual events and festivals into the mix, Granville Island is a destination where locals and visitors come together to be inspired, entertained, or simply to relax in a truly unique atmosphere.

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  1. I would grab a bottle (or 2) of some lovely wine from Liberty Wine Merchants in the Net Loft to go with all that great food.