Enjoying A Graduating Scale Of Awesome During Vancouver Craft Beer Week


The Curve is a new Scout column dedicated to exploring and feeling out the corners of complex, multi-dimensional, often hierarchical and always completely random subjects. The aim is to inform readers – in progressive, graduating fashion – on everything from gin and poems to cheeseburgers and trees. This week, Scout Editorial Assistant Thalia Stopa taps into her beery side and preps us for Vancouver’s biggest celebration of beer, the 8th Annual Vancouver Craft Beer Week, which runs from May 26th until June 4th.


BEGINNER | Feats of Strength at The Cobalt | May 28th 4 – 10pm | $10 advance, $20 at the door | TICKETS

If you haven’t been to the VCBW before and are hesitant to shell out big bucks on one of the various niche events around the city, then Feats Of Strength is for you. This party at the Cobalt is less laborious and waaaay more drunkenly, ridiculously debaucherous than it sounds. It’s basically a night of beer-themed drunken displays of muscle performed, in part, by the people brewing and slinging your favourite brews around the city. The tap list for this gun-show is a line-up of the best Pacific Northwest beers, as selected by the trustworthy taste-making people of Copper & Theory Supply Co.. Warning: it’s all in good fun but, depending on the competition outcomes, you may never be able to look at some of your favourite local beers the same way again…


INTERMEDIATE | The VCBW Festival at the PNE | June 3rd & 4th, 1 – 6pm | $39.99, includes 2 drink tokens & a VCBW taster mug | TICKETS

The main event of the week is split into two days, each packed with the usual festival suspects: music, art, games, food trucks and more. The beer, of course, is the star attraction. With over 100 craft breweries pouring more than three times their numbers in beers and ciders for five hours each day – and a pop up barbershop on hand for impromptu, inspired haircuts – this event isn’t for amateurs! But, if you can manage to pace yourself, attendance at the Festival is a surefire way to flesh out your beer passport efficiently in a fun and social environment.


ADVANCED | The Biercraft Belgian Showcase at Biercraft Cambie (3305 Cambie St) | May 29th, 6:30 – 11pm | $80 including food and 15 beer samplers | TICKETS

The biggest ticket item of the week gets you access to a four-and-a-half hour long education on the history of Belgian craft brewing, dating back centuries to the Trappist monk tradition. This ‘schooling’ isn’t the dry thing of textbooks though – I’d like to think of it more as education through osmosis… Between the fifteen samplers and a spread of complementary snacks included in the ticket price, your palate will be put on a fun fast track to expertise about all of the new and old world beer styles from Belgium.


EXTRA CREDIT Become a VCBW volunteer! | Sign up HERE

There are various positions open for the May 26th kick off party and the Festival on June 3rd & 4th – all with the same swag and perks, including a ticket to one festival day and exclusive VCBW party invites. The most laid back position is definitely the Check In person, but I’d be more inclined to getting up close and personal with the pourers and their spill buckets. All that’s required is a Serving It Right certificate and an unspoken love for craft beer!

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