Oyama Crafts New Selection Of Five Sisters Farms Sausages, Available May 24-29


The GOODS from Oyama Sausage Company

Vancouver, BC | Oyama makes over 400 different products throughout the year, many of which change according to the season. They partner with local farmers and producers in order to obtain fresh, first-rate ingredients for their products. Now the Granville Island favourite is working with the family-owned Five Sisters Farms on Vancouver Island to offer a new selection of outstanding sausages. The sausages created by Oyama will be available at their Granville Island location from Wednesday, May 24 to Monday, May 29 – or until they sell out!

Five Sisters Farm is located on 160 acres in Vancouver Island’s Sayward Valley. Owners Ben and Jen Ford named the farm for their five daughters. The couple is passionate about sustainable living, and when they were choosing livestock they selected a heritage breed of pigs, the Large Black. The breed was first brought to Canada from England in the 1800s. It is hardy enough to live in northern climates and it provides superior products. Unfortunately, the breed is also very rare, so when they started their farm the Fords had to fly in piglets from Edmonton, Ontario, and northern BC (pigs can fly!). The animals at Five Sisters range freely on pastureland and woodland, and their diet is comprised mainly of what they forage from the natural environment, supplemented by spent grain from a local craft brewery, as well as milk, whey, and eggs from the farm’s own free range hens. The animals are treated ethically throughout their life cycle, and they’re antibiotic-free.

Fresh sausages made from Five Sisters Farm pork are incredibly flavourful, and the ethical and sustainable nature of their farming practices are a welcome addition a meat lover’s table. Don’t miss this chance to support local agriculture while savouring premium handmade charcuterie at Oyama.

The sausages created by Oyama will be available at their Granville Island location from Wednesday, May 24 to Monday, May 29 – or until they sell out!


Granville Island Public Market | 1689 Johnston St. Vancouver B.C. | V6H 3R9
Telephone & Fax: 604-327-7407
Email: moreinfo@oyamasausage.ca
Web: www.oyamasausage.ca | Twitter


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The People


Founders: John and Christine van der Lieck

About Oyama Sausage Co.

Oyama Sausage opened its doors on Granville Island in the amazing Public Market in 2001, moving to Vancouver from the Okanagan, where it had been in business for 15 years. The business was founded by John and Christine van der Lieck. John is a fifth generation master sausage maker from Europe who has worked all over the European continent and is a true master in the trade of artisanal charcuterie. His background is German and Dutch. At varying times, Oyama makes over 400 products, from patés and terrines to salamis, to hams, prosciuttos and many other dry cured treats, to sausages (dozens of links – fresh and smoked), pork pies, sliders and snacks, taking inspiration from many different ethnic backgrounds. These products are handmade in Oyama’s Vancouver kitchen.  These wonderful products are made with Canadian inspected free range, organic or family farm raised meats (pork, beef, bison, duck, elk, chicken, turkey and more), with natural herbs and spices sourced from all over the world.  At Oyama, we carefully source all our ingredients, only the best will do! You will find many of our products in many of Vancouver’s fine restaurants and eateries.

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