Heritage Asian Eatery To Pair With 46 South Fish Co. For Stand-Up Seafood Feast


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Vancouver, BC | Heritage Asian Eatery Chef and Co-owner Felix Zhou will shine a light on sustainably caught seafood when he teams up with 46 South Fish Co. to host an exclusive ‘Exploring the Pacific Ocean’ stand-up dinner showcasing Hiramasa Yellowtail Amberjack at his downtown counter-service restaurant on Tuesday, May 23 at 6 p.m.

“We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with Felix once again,” says Mark Urwin, owner of 46 South Fish Co., a Vancouver-based supplier focused on promoting and marketing sustainable New Zealand seafood. “Hiramasa is a beautiful fish for culinary uses and can present both like a salmon or tuna depending on how it is prepared. We can’t wait to see how Felix spotlights the Yellowtail’s unique versatility on the plate and palate.”

Also known as ‘Kingfish’ or ‘Hiramasa’, Yellowtail Amberjack is a top-grade sashimi fish found wild in the waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean and is prized for its firm-yet-silky-smooth texture and clean, sweet flavour. A healthier alternative to Hamachi, each Yellowtail Amberjack that 46 South procures is traceable back to the boat, managed well for future generations and arrives in chefs’ hands 48 to 72 hours after being caught.

“I love cooking with Yellowtail because of its incredible versatility, beautiful texture and delicious taste, not to mention its sustainable fishery,” says Zhou. “I have worked in many different countries throughout my career and the fish from 46 South is some of the freshest and highest quality in the world.”


Hiramasa Sashimi
cucumber, tomato concasse, yuzu

Hiramasa Tartar
mustard emulsion, pickled onions, coal oil

Hiramasa Ceviche
lime, coriander, crispy shallots

Ctirus Cured Hiramasa Tataki
wasabi tobiko, ponzu sauce

Torched Hiramasa
yuzu beurre blanc, chives

Seared Hiramasa
white dashi, kombu seaweed, pickled shimeji

Smoked Hiramasa
crispy potato, ginger yogurt

TICKETS | Tickets to the ‘Exploring the Pacific Ocean’ dinner on Tuesday, May 23 at 6 p.m. at Heritage Asian Eatery are $35 per person excluding taxes and gratuity and are available at http://bit.ly/2pFDZLs.



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The People


Felix Zhou, Chef / Partner
Natasha Romero, Co-Manager / Partner
Paul Zhang, Co-Manager / Partner



Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Financial District at 1108 West Pender St., Heritage Asian Eatery is the brainchild of acclaimed chef Felix Zhou, formerly the executive chef at Vancouver’s The Parker Restaurant and Beach Bay Café. With an industrial-yet-rustic décor that fosters a casual and communal atmosphere with touches of reclaimed wood, polished concrete and metal, Heritage Asian Eatery is a counter-service restaurant and bar that features a blend of Far-East flavours created with locally sourced ingredients and modern techniques. Heritage Asian Eatery offers sit-down and take-out lunch service from Monday to Friday.

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