Chef Angus An’s Freebird Chicken Shack Reopened In New West’s ‘River Market’


The GOODS from Freebird Chicken Shack

Vancouver, BC | Freebird Chicken Shack by Chef Angus An reopens tomorrow, Saturday April 22, at New Westminster’s River Market. After a short move from the previous location and some quick renovations, the newly revamped Freebird can be found at #112–810 Quayside Drive, in the market’s lower floor. The 800-square-foot counter-service eatery will seat 24, including 4 bar stools.

The larger kitchen allows for an expanded menu, and Chef Angus is adding fried and grilled items for eat-in or takeout orders. New offerings include: an 8-Piece Bucket of Fried Chicken ($25), and a Grilled Chicken Vermicelli Bowl with fermented pork, fresh herbs, and nuoc cham (small for $11 or large for $15). There’s also Turmeric Fried Chicken with curry and roti ($11/$15) or smaller sides like Fried Brussel Sprouts or Fried Cauliflower for $6. Watch for liquor to be added to the list before the market’s busy summer season.

For more information about Freebird Chicken Shack, visit or call 604-553-1382.

Known for its Asian-style rotisserie birds, Freebird Chicken Shack is owned and operated by celebrated Vancouver chef and restaurateur, Angus An. The casual food counter is a sister restaurant to four other establishments owned by chef Angus An. Chef Angus’s other restaurants include flagship Maenam in Kitsilano, Longtail Kitchen also at New West’s River Market, and Fat Mao Noodles, a casual noodle joint, serving Thai noodle soups in Chinatown. The newest addition to Chef Angus’s restaurant family is Sen Pad Thai, set to open in late April 2017.


Whole Rotisserie Chicken: To-Go or Dine-In $24
Boneless Fried Chicken $10

*Bucket of Fried Chicken (8 pieces) $25


Rotisserie Small / Large – $11/$15
Comes with Papaya Salad and Chicken Rice

Khao Man Gai “Hai Nan”
Small $11 or Large $15
Comes with Soup and Chicken Rice

*Grilled Chicken Vermicelli Bowl
Small $11 or Large $15
Fermented pork, fresh herbs, nuoc cham

*Turmeric Fried Chicken
Small $11 or Large $15
Comes with Curry and Roti

Roasted Vegetable Curry
Comes with Roti and a side of Brussel Sprouts


Freebird Chicken Sandwich $9

Roasted Chicken Pho $11
Dark chicken broth, beef ball, Thai basil, bean sprouts

Chicken Rice Soup $9
Soy marinated egg, shredded Hai Nan chicken

*Aromatic Curry of Chicken $13
Curry with rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes and chicken rice

Chicken Kale Caesar $10
*“Longtail” Wings $8
Hot & Sour Fried Chicken Skin $5
*Roti with Curry Sauce $6
Papaya Salad $8
*Fried Brussel Sprouts $6
*Fried Cauliflower $6
Chicken Rice $3
Chicken Soup $3
Sauces $1

*new menu item


Pop, soft drink $2
Daily slushy $6
Pok Pok soda $4

All chickens are gluten- and dairy-free (excludes sides, croutons and bread, etc.) Dishes may contain peanuts. When ordering, please advise staff of any dietary allergies.

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