Albums That Sent ‘St. Lawrence’ Manager Michael Ziff His Own Way

bio-pic-2photo: Anastasia Chomlack

by Thalia Stopa | Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to reach deep inside their souls to pull out the three albums anchoring their musical tastes. Today we hear from restaurant veteran Michael Ziff. After an eight-year hiatus from the industry (as the co-owner of Kitsilano’s Hip Baby boutique), Ziff transitioned back into the fold to manage at such celebrated restaurants as Chambar and Hawksworth. These days he’s at Pourhouse in Gastown preparing for his GM role at the much anticipated St. Lawrence eatery in Railtown, which is set to open next month. Regarding his choices, he says the following:

“You can never listen to music again like you did when you were a teenager. There is something about being a 15 year old in your bedroom and hearing something new for the first time. It can blow your mind because it’s new, it’s challenging and it’s definitely not the music your parents listened to. There is a connection with all three albums I chose. They were all released in the ’70s. I first heard them when I was 15. I still listen to them today (on the same piece of vinyl!).”

Lou Reed – Coney Island Baby | LISTEN

“Lou’s storytelling is legendary but there’s a mellow sweetness to this one that separates it from all his other great records. The songs are like urban fairy tales from the dirty streets of 70s NYC.”

Brian Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) | LISTEN

“To be listened to from start to finish, this album is mysterious, quirky and otherworldly… like it was written on another planet. Maybe the Little Prince actually wrote it after he ate some galactic mushroom…”

Talking Heads – Fear of Music | LISTEN

“The rhythms were all new to my young ears. This was one of my first album purchases. The black cover said ‘big city’ to me. The very first beat of I Zimbra sets the tempo and never lets go.”



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