‘Strange Fellows’ Ready To Celebrate The Imminent Arrival Of Krampus — Dec. 7th


The GOODS from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Krampus is coming to town! – Strange Fellows Brewing announces the imminent arrival of Krampus!

He was covered in fur from his head to his foot, the colour of midnight, the colour of soot. A bundle was squirming, slung over his back, & he looked like a thief, sneaking off with his sack. His eyes were like embers, glowing fierce in the night – I froze in the shadows to hide from his sight! A bundle of branches held tight in his fist, reminded me that this was no happy tryst. He had cloven hooves & a serpentine tail, my shameful behavior he was here to wassail. He was wickedly bad, an evil old devil, & I cringed when I saw him, his whole being so dreadful. The glint in his eye & the nod of his head soon gave me to know I had plenty to dread.

December brings excitement for many children around the world as they eagerly await a visit from St Nicholas. In some European alpine villages, this anticipation is tainted with fear, as there St Nick is accompanied by the frightful Krampus. While St Nick brings gifts for the nice children, Krampus – with his horns, cloven hooves and long devilish tongue – comes for the naughty. Instead of bringing treats, Krampus whips the naughty children with a switch, and takes the very bad away in his sack.

In the spirit of St Nick, we will reward the nice with a delicious seasonal beer, while the naughty will have to answer to Krampus. On Wednesday, December 7th, Krampus will visit Strange Fellows Brewing 6-8pm. Instead of photos with Santa this year, come by with friends and family* for photos with Krampus, and perhaps a glass of beer brewed in honour of the beast himself. *Family friendly

KRAMPUS – Abbey Dubbel
Aroma: spicy & malty
Flavour: dark cherry, chocolate & pepper
Character: sweet start with a soft dry finish
Colour: toffee
ABV: 8.5%
Food pairing: red meat, washed-rind cheeses, Swiss milk chocolate

750ml bottles now available at the Brewery, as well as at select private liquor stores around town.



1345 Clark Drive | Vancouver, BC | V5L 3K9
Telephone: 604-215-0092  |  Email: info [at] strangefellowsbrewing.com
Web: www.strangefellowsbrewing.com | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Winter Hours: Mon-Thurs 2pm to 11pm & Fri-Sun 12pm to 11pm


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The People


Strange Fellows: Aaron Jonckheere & Iain Hill
Fellow About Town/Sales: Nick Black
Fellow in the Room/Bar Manager: Aaron Jonckheere

Strange Fellows Brewing is the creation of Iain Hill & Aaron Jonckheere, erstwhile strangers who each dreamed of starting A brewery. When a mutual friend decided they should meet, little did they know this would be the first step they would take toward realizing their common dream.

Iain is a craftsman who takes great interest in life’s details. An award-winning brewer with over 20 years experience, he is compelled to create beer that is unique & rooted in authenticity. As a pioneer of BC’s craft brewing industry, Iain has achieved many firsts , but the need to start his own BREWERY grew stronger over the years. He had always been INSPIRED to have a place where he could create the beer he dreamed of, so when BY chance he met Aaron, he was ready.

Aaron is a daydreamer & wanderer with a keen interest in the TRADITION & CREATIVITY of craft brewing. Exposure to great beer by way of his Belgian heritage, & being a third-generation home brewer himself, provided the desire THAT GOES with starting a brewery. He was just missing a brewing partner to do it with. So Aaron followed his vision to create a place that would make the beer he loved to drink. And on a cold winter day, his path led to Iain.

Iain & Aaron don’t always see eye-to-eye, but BEYOND their differences they do agree on what they want to make: Beer inspired by THE Old World, but brewed right here on the West Coast. Far from ORDINARY, these two strangers have gone from daydreaming to creating the brewery they are proud of. When you drink a glass of Strange Fellows, you are sharing in their commitment TO unique & unapologetic beer, crafted for those who aren’t afraid to stand out in the crowd & CELEBRATE THAT WHICH IS STRANGE.



Old World Inspired – West Coast Crafted

We are an East Vancouver craft brewery inspired by tradition and creativity that goes beyond the ordinary to celebrate that which is strange* and extraordinary.

The beer we make is influenced by both old world traditions and West coast ingenuity and often inspired by seasonal ingredients. Our barrel programme promises unique aged beers and we have a bit of a thing for sour beer.

Our Tasting Room is open daily for growler fills and gathering with friends. We offer an ever-changing selection of beer as well as tasty locally sourced grub to go with.

Our beer is on tap at many fine drinking establishments and restaurants, and our packaged product in private liquor stores around town.

Tucked in alongside the Tasting Room, the Charles Clark Gallery is a venue for artists to share their vision with exhibits changing monthly.

We invite you to celebrate with us each month as we observe a different Strange Day, inspired by obscure superstitions and folklore from around the world.

* We define strange as unique, unexpected or extraordinary

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