Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week


The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week, from our calendar to yours!

GIG | Hannah Georgas plays The Commodore Ballroom tonight. Extra bonus awesomeness: The Darcys and Louise Burns open and tickets are somehow still available. Live gig, cool venue, good people and this much talent? A solid Wednesday night!
Wed, Nov. 2 | 8pm | Commodore Ballroom (868 Granville St) | $25 | DETAILS

LIGHT | The Lighting Architecture Movement Project (LAMP) is part art installation, part design competition, and part performance. Using light and form as canvas, LAMP organizers challenged participants to design an indoor light in any format (floor, pendant, table, etc.) staying close to the theme of “Cosmic”. Entries were accepted in three categories including ‘Student’, ‘Emerging’ and ‘Established’ and the completion saw 132 submissions from 80 cities in 27 countries. Winners show off their works at a public opening in Railtown this Thursday night. Grab a ticket in advance here. If you can’t make it to the opening, make sure you stop by the exhibit (entrance by donation) which runs November 4-6.
Thu, Nov. 3 | 6-12pm | 505 Railway St. | $25-30 | DETAILS

WRITE IT DOWN | It’s letter writing time at the Regional Assembly of Text! Get it together now and you can get your holiday greeting card list well underway with hand-written cards. Think about that for a second. How great would it be to have something other than bank statements and phone bills come through that old mail slot this holiday season? Do a good thing. Send someone a letter!
Thu, Nov. 3 | 7pm | Regional Assembly of Text (3934 Main Street) | Free | DETAILS

RENDER | The Vancouver International Music Video Festival takes place this weekend. From event organizers: “Render’s focus is on innovative and cutting-edge music videos that push the creative boundaries of the art form. The music video is often seen as a supplement to the music in the video: Render turns this understanding upside-down, championing the videos, the work that goes into them and the people who make them.” Expect art, innovation, talent, and music videos from all over the world. The opening reception goes down Friday night, followed by screenings and music.
Fri, Nov. 4 | Various times | Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St) | $12 | DETAILS

DESIGN | Some of most talents designers in the city are coming together this Friday night at the Museum of Vancouver to talk about what it is that inspires them to design. From MOV: “Discover the stories behind the development of everyday technologies and cool things they’ve never seen before. Felix Böck from ChopValue will present his innovative products made from recycled chopsticks, and Hapa Collaborative will discuss some of the city’s most exciting new building projects. People can get a firsthand look at VeloMetro’s fully-enclosed, electric assist cycles, and ask The Alinker about their three-wheeled walking bike designed to help people stay active.” Designers will be stationed throughout the museum’s galleries and attendees are encouraged to float between stations asking questions. Be amazed as you behold the awesomeness of the creative process! Bonus: cash bar.
Fri, Nov. 4 | 7pm | Museum of Vancouver (1100 Chestnut St.) | $23 | DETAILS

ART | The Gam Gallery launches two new shows this week. We love the place because it has the traditional white walled exhibition space up front but also a large studio space in the back that often supports a second show. This month they’re opening ’Momentary Vessels‘ – a collection of works by artist Julia Kreutz in the gallery space, while the studio space plays host to ‘Flags for New Countries’, a collection of works by Tristesse Seeliger. The opening receptions for both exhibitions goes down Friday night, but the shows continue through to November 26.
Fri, Nov. 4 | 7-11pm | Gam Gallery (110 E. Hastings St.) | DETAILS

TEA | Scoot down to Chinatown this Saturday and make your way around the tables and booths at the The Third Annual Vancouver Tea Festival. Expect a marketplace of close to 30 tea purveyors, workshops and tasting sessions, as well as tea leaf readings, tea plant sales and the usual awesomeness of traditional music performances in a beautiful setting. Score tickets here.
Sat, Nov 5 | 10 am–6 pm | Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (578 Carrall St.) | DETAILS

LEARN | Take gallery cruising to a new level this weekend by tagging along on a guided “Artist-Run Centre Gallery Hop” with Art/Seen Vancouver. Art/Seen principal Klara Manhal loves to connect people to the art, artists, and spaces that make the unique Vancouver art scene what it is. On this tour, expect to be brought up to speed on the history behind the artist-run centres that were “initially established in the 70’s to provide artists alternative exhibition space outside of commercial galleries, these are sites of cutting-edge contemporary art in Canada. Explore their rich histories and gain insight from their head curators.” Immerse yourself, speak with the Director and Curators of the spaces, and hear about their visions for the future.
Sat. Nov. 5 | 1:30-2:30pm | Meeting location provided upon registration | $25 | DETAILS

RAIDERS | The Vancouver Symphony sets up at the Orpheum for a special screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark this weekend. How could you possibly improve upon fast paced action encountered by the exceedingly charming and always clever Indiana Jones on his search find the Ark of the Covenant? Try this: add the award-winning John Williams soundtrack played live by an orchestra while you watch the movie on the big screen – now that is next level!
Sat, Nov 5 | 7:30pm Orpheum Theatre (601 Smithe St) | $29-$75 | DETAILS
Sun, Nov 6| 2pm | Orpheum Theatre (601 Smithe St) | $29-$75 | DETAILS

LECTURE | Scientist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins’ is getting set to take the stage at the Chan Centre! Pangburn Philosophy has paired the renowned evolutionary biologist with the host of the webcast and television show The Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty, for a thought-provoking engagement on Sunday night. Stretch and expand that philosophical mind of yours by attending a 90 minute dialogue that will lean heavily on subjects such as secular humanism, religion, atheism, biology, creationism and more. Tickets are disappearing as quick as Homo habilis, so get in on the action fast.
Sunday Nov. 6th | 8-9:30pm | Chan Centre for Performing Arts | $52-76 | DETAILS


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