Oyama Sausage Co. Set For Autumn With Thanksgiving Hams, Terrines And More


The GOODS from Oyama Sausage Company

Vancouver, BC | There’s plenty of delicious things happening at Oyama Sausage Co. on Granville Island this month:

Friday October 7th to Monday October 10th | Thanksgiving at Oyama | It’s time to give thanks for another year of bounty | Plan your Thanksgiving feast around one of Oyama’s delicious Swedish Hams. Pre-order yours today: both whole hams, and halves, are available. We also offer a crowd-pleasing selection of patés, terrines, sausages, salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses and more to complete your entertaining table.

Thursday October 20 to Sunday 23rd | We present B.C. Pasture-Raised Specialty Pork Goodies | We have collaborated with a B.C. specialty pork farmer to bring you an amazing selection of top-quality sausages and salamis. Support farmers who raise the best meat possible!

Friday October 28th to Sunday 30th | Pre-Halloween Blood Sausage Fest | Whether you’re hosting a costume party, or need to keep up your strength as you hand out treats to the kiddies, we have a range of savoury items that are perfect for the season. Order ahead to secure your Boudin Noir, Morcilla, Black Pudding, and more.

Charcuterie & Wine Pairings with Kurtis Kolt | Let’s get spicy! | “I have to admit, when it comes to sausage and charcuterie, I do like a little heat to it – but can wimp out on occasion if things get too intense. That’s not the case with Oyama’s Nduja, made with pork, roasted spicy peppers and garlic. A perfect amount of spice. It has a bit of a softer texture; think of it as spreadable chorizo. Now, the key with pairing wine alongside spice is looking towards anything that will balance out that heat. If you go with too dry of a white, that heat is only going to be enhanced. If you go with a higher-alcohol red, that heat will make the alcohol stand out. Of course, here you do want something with enough concentration to stand up to all of the Nduja’s flavour. Go for the Mission Hill Family Estate 2014 Reserve Pinot Noir. It bursts with cherries, raspberries and some light cola flavours, and then it’s lightly framed by French oak. Juicy and quaffable, it’ll come up a treat! You can pick up the Nduja at our counter. The Mission Hill Family Estate 2014 Reserve Pinot Noir is available at BCLDB stores ($24.49)”


Granville Island Public Market | 1689 Johnston St. Vancouver B.C. | V6H 3R9
Telephone & Fax: 604-327-7407
Email: moreinfo@oyamasausage.ca
Web: www.oyamasausage.ca | Twitter


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The People


Owners: John and Christine van der Lieck

About Oyama Sausage Co.

We opened our store on Granville Island in the amazing Public Market in 2001, moving to Vancouver from the Okanagan, where we were in business for 15 years. The business is owned by John and Christine van der Lieck. John is a fifth generation master sausage maker from Europe who has worked all over the European continent and is a true master in the trade of artisanal charcuterie. Our background is German and Dutch. At varying times, we make over 400 products, from patés and terrines to salamis, to hams, prosciuttos and many other dry cured treats, to sausages (dozens of links – fresh and smoked), pork pies, sliders and snacks, taking inspiration from many different ethnic backgrounds. These products are handmade in our kitchen in Vancouver. Our wonderful products are made with Canadian inspected free range, organic or family farm raised meats (pork, beef, bison, duck, elk, chicken, turkey and more), with natural herbs and spices sourced from all over the world. We carefully source all our ingredients, only the best will do! You will find many of our products in many of Vancouver’s fine restaurants and eateries.

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