Books On Musical Visions, Edible Introspection, Make-Believe Homes And More


Read This is a Scout column that details book selections by authorities, luminaries, institutions, and locals that share deep affections for the written word. These titles come our friends at the Emily Carr University Library


We just received a pile of new graphic novels from one of our favourite local book shops, Lucky’s Comics! This month staff members Sarah van Snellenberg, Natalie Craig, Angela Evans, and Hillary Webb review their top picks from these fun new arrivals.

1 | 101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die / Ricardo Cavolo ; translated by Sophie Hughes (London : NoBrow, 2015)
SVS: Chances are the artists included in this book will already be familiar to you, but Ricardo Cavolo offers a beautifully personal take on this list of solid musical faves. Cavolo, one of my favourite fresh young illustrators, hails from Spain, and has a wonderfully bright and busy style that make his drawing pages look like tattoo flashes. In fact, he puts his personalized stamp of approval on the very faces of his subjects in this graphic novel, tattooing symbols on their musical mugs. As a collection of drawings, the portraits almost remind me of a deck of tarot cards (note: Cavolo has also illustrated a gorgeous tarot deck) making this book a cosmic guide charting one man’s dearest musical influences. The album cover liner pages are also just lovely. All of the thrill of reading someone’s musical diary without the shame and guilt!

2 | After Nothing Comes: Selected Zines / Aidan Koch (Ontario : Koyama Press, 2016)
NC: Quiet, poetic, intimate – “After Nothing Comes” is a moving selection of zines that document Aidan Koch’s work from 2008 to 2014. Her minimal approach to the comic format encourages readers to piece together stories using only fragments of images. It’s a compilation best suited for an afternoon of quiet reflection and the perfect read for a lazy summer day in August.

3 | Relish: My Life in the Kitchen / Lucy Knisley (New York: First Second, 2013)
AE: We all have certain foods or recipes that are intrinsically linked in our memories to particular people or experiences. Lucy Knisley explores this concept through her charming and well-designed graphic memoir centred around food and eating. Delightful infographic-style recipes are sprinkled throughout the stories of her life, which range from her childhood to her world travels. A light and refreshing summer read that is also a feast for the eyes!

4 | Home / Carson Ellis (Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2015)
HW: You may know Carson Ellis as the artist for the band the Decembrists, and illustrator of the fabulous Wildwood book series. She’s one heck of a kids book writer and illustrator too. I love this book. Each painting transports the viewer into familiar and fantasy homes spanning time periods, storybook tales, and international locales. It’s a beautiful book for adults to cherish and also perfect to snuggle up to with a little person and initiate conversation about different types of homes and who might live in them.

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