Seventeen Minutes With Mt. Pleasant Polymath/Creator Sarah Delaney


Local artist Sarah Delaney has been killing it on the Vancouver scene as a multi-disciplinary artist. Her latest show, “Recording In and On It” displayed this past June at The Gam on East Hastings. Since then she’s been busy working on her latest series of paintings for the Vancouver Mural Festival and daydreaming about what happens next. We recently caught up with Sarah to chat about her style, her future plans, and what excites her as a creative person.

What part of Vancouver do you live in and what do you love about it? I live and work in Mount Pleasant. I love it for its energy. It feels like it is the heart of the city. When I walk down the streets, I feel like I am surrounded by my people — fellow creatives doing their thing. This feeling is amplified after visiting another city, returning to Vancouver and feeling like you are in the place you belong. I love the local boutiques, restaurants, and breweries along Main Street, and the independent entrepreneurs behind them. Lastly, I love my mountain view.

What does your perfect day in Vancouver look like and consist of? First, to set the stage, I should note that on my perfect day I have so much energy and never get tired. Also, the sun is shining. I spend the morning painting in my studio. I create something amazing. In the afternoon I go on an adventure with my husband, Andrew. We explore the BC backcountry and it takes our breath away. In the evening I meet up with girlfriends and we do drinks and very likely we dance.


What four words capture your design style? Raw, organic, gestural, collected.

Your work branches over several different areas, is there a field in particular that you love most? I don’t really think of my work as being from different disciplines. In the past year I have done projects that require me to paint canvases, paint wall murals, make jewelry, textile design, interior design, and create installation sculpture. At the core, I think of it all as being a creator. More than anything I love to create things; to combine my brain and my hands and make something exciting out of it. It’s the greatest joy, ever.

Is there a particular event in Vancouver you look forward to attending or participating in? I am currently working on a series of paintings for the Treasures & Travels Market. It is taking place at Thornton Park as park of the Vancouver Mural Festival. You should all come.

What in your life thus far are you most proud of? I’m pretty proud of the moment I’m in currently. I spent my 20’s doing schooling and struggling to figure out what my life was supposed to look like. I wasn’t sure what my career path was and that can be a stressful pressure to put on oneself (especially us first born, over-achiever types). Right now I’m working as an artist and I’ve never felt more happy. I’m proud for continuing to challenge myself and for putting myself out there.


What are you most excited about in the upcoming months? I’m most excited for the unknown. My month-to-month schedule can change so much. I often don’t know what opportunities are around the corner. It can be scary as a freelancer to not be able to foresee this, but I try to look at it as an adventure.

If you were to send Scout one of your creations what would it be?  There is a project I want to start this Winter that is taking up a lot of my daydreaming capacity as I contemplate its direction. It involves mapping and memory (duh, a common theme in my work). For Scout, I would share the Vancouver memory of the project.

What’s at the top of your “Before Summer Ends I Want To…” bucket list? I think I need a good girls-only camping trip. Somewhere between Vancouver and Pemby. In nature, being silly. It’s the best.



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  1. Was at the Gam Show. A real authentic talent for sure. Love seeing a local creative getting some well deserved recognition !


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