On Shutting Down The Granville Shitshow & Ruining Beach Nuptials


by Sean Orr | Not satire: Shirtless Justin Trudeau Pops Out of a Canadian Cave and Charms a Family of Hikers.

Also not satire: Shirtless Justin Trudeau accidentally photo bombs B.C. beach wedding.

Does his shirt come off every time he breaks a promise? Will we see Shirtless Justin Trudeau breaking his promise on Site C? What about Shirtless Justin Trudeau ready to break his promise on Kinder Morgan? And what about Shirtless Justin Trudeau changing the word “peacekeeping” to the Orwellian, imperialist “peace support operations”?

Of course I’m being unfair. Trudeau is a human being after all. Lambasting him for being shirtless is the same as sexualizing him for being shirtless. As Stephen Hume writes, this is hardly an “example of male chauvinist piggery contrasted against genteel gender victimization”, but at the same time it says something about us. It speaks to our desire to contrast ourselves against The American Monomyth. Drew Brown writes:

You can also see all this as the utter collapse of political decorum, Canada’s descent into a gentrified, progressive Putinism. Shirtless Trudeau is the face of a liberalized personality cult, packaged for a pliant media and sold to a generation of shallow, narcissistic Millennials who love selfies more than the noble customs of Western civilization.

But also, it’s pretty funny: Family on camping trip doesn’t know how to tell shirtless Justin Trudeau to leave them alone.

Poverty tourism of the day: Walking tour of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside reveals good in the community:

“What you’ll see may shock you. There’s alcoholism and sadness,” our guide Jenn Potter says as we walk towards Hastings St. “But no one will bother you. You’re 100 per cent safe.”

It costs $185? Jesus! I’ll do the same tour for a six pack. And I’ll drink it with you.

The company has responded via Facebook, but the thing about exploitation is, nobody ever thinks they’re being exploitive…

How about a tour of the Granville Shitshow? Woman dies following nightclub assault on Granville Street. Shut. It. Down.

Meanwhile, the teen who died in Starbucks washroom needed rehab but mom says she couldn’t afford it. Shame on us.

Patsy of the day: Ex-B.C. government employee pleads guilty in ‘triple delete’ case.

The only link about the subject I’m going to post today: Liberals’ Housing Moves Way Too Little, Too Late to Improve Affordability. No shit.

OK, I lied: Empty Vancouver condo tower floats away.

Not the Syrup Trap of the day: Parks Canada says Gros Morne hikers should stop building inukshuks.

Art of the day: Young artists switch the script on public art in Vancouver.

Sports of the day: EVBL Championship Tournament.

Bonus: Remembering Record Store Row

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