Quiet Oregon Pond Getaway Clad In Glass & Douglas Fir Would Suit Bowen Island


With our city now so laughably unaffordable, thousands of Vancouverites are stuck imagining wonderful homes instead of living in them. “Spaced” is a record of our minds wandering the world of architecture and design, up and away from the unrewarding realities of shoebox condos, dark basement suites, and sweet fuck all on Craigslist.


(via) The summer is already slipping away from us and with it will go (once again) the fever dream of waking up on a hot day in a halcyon, secluded getaway and cooling off in a still, clean, immediate, private body of fresh water. It’s just not fair. This house – built of steel, glass, and Douglas fir around a manmade pond in Newburg, Oregon – knows what we’re talking about. Designed by Cutler Anderson Architects, the 1,650 sqft project is accessed by a short causeway. In our imaginations, the little bridge physically disconnects the house from the busy world and steals those who cross it away to the wild, Narnia style. We’d take a version of it somewhere quiet that already feels like something of a getaway. Bowen Island fits. Come with us; bring cold beer and a Creedence cassette.

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