‘Pallet Coffee’ Celebrating Summer With BBQ, Cold Brew, And New Tasting Room


The GOODS from Pallet Coffee Roasters

Vancouver, BC | This month marks the second birthday for Pallet Coffee Roasters being celebrated by a summer BBQ on-site with customers, industry and friends off the back of the launch of a new tasting room and cold brew product.

Pallet’s consistent growth in the Vancouver specialty coffee scene shows no signs of slowing. Initially serving the local East Vancouver neighbourhood, Pallet coffee is now found in third wave coffee shops as far as the Sunshine Coast and shipped weekly to customers throughout the U.S.

Pallet’s growth can be attested to its high quality and consistent delivery of coffee, as well as a never wavering focus on growing success of their partnering coffee shops. Pallet have applied their expertise on overcoming key café challenges by supporting their partnering cafes with the full success package which includes equipment, service and training.

With the brand’s authentic and ‘hands on’ attitude, the cafe interior itself was partly hand-built by Manager, Shane Dehkhodaei including industrial wood accents and warm Edison-bulb lighting. Formerly a seafood factory, the local neighbourhood is pleased to have replaced a smell of fish with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

In the café full transparency is provided to the customer who can view the roaster in action in turn providing appreciation and learning from the process. The same can be said for the commercial kitchen, where customers feel as though they are participating in the creation of an extensive café menu, a unique element of Pallet, offering high quality fare beyond the humble sandwich.

With its ongoing community focus, Pallet is constantly seeking to find further ways to engage and inspire the community in specialty coffee.

This month Pallet launched an upstairs tasting room, which will be open to the public every Saturday serving unique coffee not yet available in the café. The tasting room will also serve as the hub for Pallet’s Coffee Club, launching this fall, hosting an array of workshops and special events to further inspire the growth of specialty coffee.



323 Semlin Drive off East Hastings St. | Vancouver, BC | V5L4H9
Telephone: 604.255.2014
Web: www.palletcoffeeroasters.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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The Key People


Shane D., Operations Man.
Sharif S., Roaster & QA

Mentions & Excerpts


Sprudge | VancityBuzz | East Village Vancouver

About Pallet Coffee Roasters

At Pallet Coffee Roasters quality, traceability, & transparency always come first. We source in season coffees from only exceptional producers to show that everyone can get a nice cup.

To create anything delicious, the most important part is starting with simply good ingredients, and coffee is no different. Before we add a new coffee to our offering, each potential coffee has to meet our own benchmarks through multiple cupping & tasting sessions in regards to flavour, sweetness, and most importantly cleanliness. Coffees that are not specialty grade are out of the question.

We like to roast each coffee as delicately as possible to their sweetest level, taking into consideration their origin and terroir, the varietal, and processing style. The result unlocks true flavours, rather than flavours imparted by the roasting process. Coffee from different regions and origin have specific flavour characteristics of their own and we want to show these coffees in their best form.

Our roastery & coffee shop is tucked in the quaint East Village area in East Vancouver, on Semlin drive, bordering the diverse industrial & residential area. Mainly a production space, the coffee shop & tasting room lets us showcase our current offering, and at the same time visitors can see our roaster in action and the overall coffee roasting process.

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