Getting Opportunistic With The In & Out Privileges At This Weekend’s Folk Festival


Head on over to the West Side where the weed will waft and there will be no stopping new and old generation devil-sticking hippies from flocking en masse. Yup, Folk Festival is back at Jericho Beach, running July 15-17. Over 60 bands are slated to share seven beach front stages, so it’s kind of a big deal. Buy a day pass or splurge on a full weekend of swaying. Here are a few good reasons it’s worth your while:

Location | Nothing beats live music at a beautiful venue! Jericho Beach, with its classic view of ocean, mountain and cityscape, is mind-blowing enough as is. Add a little sunset and some decorated lanterns and you’re all set.

Musical Variety | Folk as a genre is vast. From bluegrass bands and Celtic musicians to soulful funk tunage and the classic, easy listening singer-songwriters, it offers something for every ear. Prepare to hear some fine fiddlers, harpists, assouf guitarists, and everything in between.

Picnic Friendly | This festival encourages you to bring a blanket (ground seating only) and welcomes you to bring in your own food and beverages. While alcohol is technically not permitted, we’ll leave it up to you to get crafty and find some way to complete the ideal summer picnic circle.

Big Ticket Names | When you take into account the crazy headlining talent of bands like The New PornographersNahko and Medicine for the People, Lord Huron and M. Ward, the price of admission seems absolutely reasonable.

The Tradition | The true spirit of folk music comes from getting off your couch to go experience it live. There’s something to be said about sharing music, the oral passing of experience to a willing ear, the shaking of hips to the rhythm you couldn’t get out of your head if you tried; there’s just something so visceral about it that you need to get out into the salty air to feel it.

In & Out Privileges | Folk Festival allows you to come and go as you please so feel free to dip out for burgers at the Jericho Beach Club or some enchiladas at Topanga Cafe. You could even grab a pizza at Nook. If you’re really feeling special, slip into L’Ufficio for a glass of good red and a pasta, and maybe cool down with a scoop of seasonal ice cream from Rain or Shine.

July 15-17 | FULL SCHEDULE | Jericho Beach Park | Prices from $45-$170  | TICKETS


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