On Top Marks For Kissa Tanto And Finding Peace in The Kitchen


by Talia Kleinplatz | Eater rounds up the best ice cream from coast to coast, inexplicably leaving out Vancouver. Still, Montreal’s Kem Coba rocks an amazing soft serve and, a little closer to home, there’s PDX’s excellent Salt and Straw.

Bad news for cookie dough lovers! The FDA says we now have to worry about bacteria from raw eggs AND flour…stupid bacteria ruining all my fun.

For those looking to enhance their culinary travels, there’s an app for that. Cookly compiles a list of cooking schools around the world and allows you to book classes in various cities.

In a follow-up to last week’s look at seafood shortages, the UN finds that 90% of the world’s fish are either fully or overfished which seriously compromises sustainability on a global scale.

You may think it’s just frozen water but when it comes to making cocktails, Food52 lays out some hard and fast rules for 3 types of ice and the drinks to put them in.

Ever wonder how to make a boozy baby out of a melon? Yeah, me neither, but Lucky Peach will teach us how anyways. And to be honest, it looks pretty awesome.

What happens when a head chef purposely serves meat to unsuspecting vegan patrons? Nothing good, that’s what.

How one of the best kitchens in Latin America is employing ex-soldiers and guerrilla combatants in the name of “cooking peace.” A remarkable story of how food and cooking can act as bridges between factions.

If you find yourself surrounded by crap beer this summer but still desperate for a cold one, fear not! Lucky Peach lays out a list of the best of the bad brews.

And speaking of beer, the folks at Vancouver Is Awesome do a side-by-side of comparison of everybody’s least favourite malt liquor and a new, locally produced beer cocktail that is likely to be quite the crowd pleaser.

A story all too emblematic of the creativity required to solve issues of environment in this day and age: how farmers and conservationists are teaming up to save fish and produce rice in the face of extreme drought.

The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby heads to Yaletown for House Special’s Uncle Hing’s Chicken Wings and Shaken Beef, neither of which disappoint.

You know those people that you see and without an ounce of sarcasm you secretly hope to be cool like them one day? Enter Anne Viehweger of Matchstick. She loves whiskey sours and Matilda. Enough said.

The Georgia Straight speaks with agriculture activist Vandana Shiva regarding her stance on GMO’s, monoculture and her proposed solutions to global hunger.

On a similar note, Vox takes a closer look at the GMO bill that just passed the Senate in the US. While the House still has a say, many politicians are pushing for voluntary labelling only.

A rare four stars for Kissa Tanto from The Globe & Mail’s Alexandra Gill. From the tortellini to the confit tuna, the Japanese-Italian supper club is putting out exceptional fare with flair.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to local food blogger I Am A Food Blog and her homage to National Fried Chicken Day!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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