Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week


by Michelle Sproule | The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week, from our calendar to yours!

FLASHBACK | Comedian and bad writing sadist Sara Bynoe hosts another one of her hilarious Teen Angst nights this Friday. From Sara’s website: “Somewhere in the back of your closet gathering dust and turning yellow with age is comedic gold. Those old journals, poems, and essays you wrote as a teenager when you thought you could do no wrong, would probably make you cringe if you were to read them today. Now, imagine sharing them in front of an audience. That’s exactly what happens at Teen Angst Night. You held on to those diaries for a reason, right? This is that reason!” Sara’s been celebrating Teen Angst in cafes and on stages since 2000 and this week’s show has her lining up a mix of stand-out past readers and newbies that really deliver on the most embarrassing material you can imagine. Drinks will be an option. Extra-special time travel feature: Y2K dance party to follow.
Fri, June 17 | 8-10pm | Fox Cabaret (2321 Main Street) | $15 | DETAILS

SHOP LOCAL | If you’re looking for the newest and brightest hand crafted brands on the scene you’ll want to hit the Friends With Benefits pop-up in Strathcona this weekend. Expect hand-woven slippers, cool prints, deliciously scented candles, specialty tarot cards, and much, much more. The vendors are your friends and their goods are the benefits. Bonus: workshops – eg. weaving, pom-pom making – are being offered for those looking to get hands-on. A pop up of good things made by good people! See you there!
June 17-23 | 478 Union Street | DETAILS

OPENING | Hit Columbia Street’s Untitled Art Space for the opening reception of Welcome Home, a solo show by Anna MacLellan and experience a gallery space transformed into a series of “unexpected domestic environments”. From Untitled: “Through assemblage, installation and mixed media, the artist explores ideas of domesticity and intimacy and how these are shaped by the items we surround ourselves with. Anna’s unusual yet appropriate arrangements aim to create questions about home and how the feeling is created.” Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to interact with aspects of the displays for full impact complete with the best welcome-home feels.
June 17 | 8pm-late | Untitled Art Space (436 Columbia) | DETAILS

MUSIC | With an emphasis on psychedelic music, Levitation Vancouver is a three-day music festival that goes down in multiple venues across the city this weekend. This is the second year of Levitation and the roster of talent is looking sweet. Performers include the likes of Flying Lotus, Tycho, The Growlers, Thee Oh Sees, Of Montreal, Fidlar, Allah-Las, White Lung, Hinds, Cherry Glazerr, Dead Ghosts, Boogarins, Louise Burns, Holy Fuck, Sunns, Summering, Night Beats, Morgan Delt, Holy Wave, Froth, Com Truise, Shaunic, Thundercat, Shabazz Palaces, Dada Plan, Nina Mendoza, Heron Oblivion, Black Mastiff, Sacri Monti, Nothing, LVL Up, and Did You Die. The launch party is this Thursday at The Rickshaw.
June 16-19 | Various times, locations and prices | DETAILS

FISH | Whether you’re an old pro or are picking up a rod for the first time since childhood, this is the weekend to go fishing. Head for a stretch of coastline (or your favourite beach, lake, river or pier) with a free three day fishing licence compliments of the Federal and Provincial Government in recognition of Family Fishing Weekend. Kick back to enjoy a quiet afternoon of casting a line without forking over the dough. Perfectly timed to coincide with Father’s Day, this could also be a great way to spend some quality time with Dad.
June 17-19 | lakes and non-tidal streams everywhere in BC | Free | DETAILS

MAKE | If you like the idea of the DIY movement but feel daunted by the commitment of time, money, materials, and know-how to actually do the DIY part, this weekend brings a great opportunity to get yourself on track. Scoot to the adorable Tiny Finery shop in Hastings/Sunrise and take an introductory one-day workshop that will be both inspiring and productive and set you on the addictive path to completing more DIY projects. This weekend you’re invited to roll up your sleeves with a how-to on Mineral Makeup, Perfumery 101, Shibori Natural Dyeing, or bath-bomb making. Workshops are in the $40-$60 range and come with materials and delightful instructors to guide you. Classes are small, so get moving and register to secure a spot!
June 17-19 | Various times | Tiny Finery (2162 E Hastings St) | $40-$60 | DETAILS

PARK THE CAR | Always a sure sign of summer, Car Free Day hits the streets this weekend. Some neighbourhoods cast out cars on Saturday, some on Sunday. Either way, expect live music, spoken-word performances, dancing, street hockey, more live music, bike and skateboard demos, good food, cold drinks, a little bit of roller disco, and generally happy people roaming the pavement in place of automobiles. Check it out:
WEST END | Sat, June 18 | Denman from Robson to Davie | 12pm-7pm | DETAILS
COMMERCIAL | Sun, June 19| Venables to Grandview | 12pm-6pm | DETAILS
MAIN STREET | Sun, June 19 | between Broadway & 30th | 12pm-7pm | DETAILS
KITS | Individual block parties on Sat & Sun| DETAILS

FAMILY | The Western Front is holding their very first Family Day this weekend. A few uplifting hours of contemporary music, media and visual arts – that sounds like a pretty rad platform for family bonding if you ask us. Expect presentations, performances, and screenings as well as hands-on/get-dirty activities appropriate for all, but geared toward young minds in particular (think hat-making, Scoring Sound, and an artist-designed outdoor obstacle course).
Sat, June 18 |12-5pm | Western Front (303 E. 8th) | DETAILS

BEER | Farmhouse Fest is a one day, beer-centric event spread across the beautiful UBC Farm grounds this weekend specializing limited, vintage, or exclusive farmhouse ales and ciders from around BC and the world. Attendees can expect local heroes like Field House, Four Winds, Brassneck and Strange Fellows pouring collaborations, special brews and barrel-aged treats alongside excellent beer buddies Parallel 49, Moon Under Water, Dageraad and many more. This isn’t a done deal, you’ve got to want it bad because tickets are sold out and in order to get through the gates, you’re going to have to hit social media and craigslist to get sorted. Good luck!
Sat, June 18 | 12-6pm | UBC Farm – 3461 Ross Drive| At least $55 | DETAILS

SPACE | Summer skies are lovely for stargazing. If you’ve maneuvered yourself into some time away from light pollution this weekend, you picked a good time to appreciate the heavens. Not only will the moon be approaching full but, if you squint a little harder and focus to the upper left of the moon, you will be able to see your good buddy Saturn. As Space.com explains: “sitting about 2.5 degrees to the upper left of a very bright star shining sedately with a yellowish-white hue. That “star” is, in reality, the planet Saturn. If you extend an imaginary line from the moon through Saturn and continue on at roughly twice the distance between the two, you’ll come to the 1st-magnitude red star Antares in the constellation of Scorpius, the Scorpion.” Space out and gain some perspective. Stars are worth staying up for. DETAILS


late-may-2009-169Michelle Sproule grew up in Kitsilano and attended University in Australia and the University of Victoria before receiving her graduate degree in Library Sciences from The University of Toronto. She lives in beautiful Strathcona and enjoys wandering aimlessly through the city’s streets with her best friend – a beat up, sticky, grimy (but faithful) camera.

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