Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Had Live-Aboard UFOs Floating In False Creek


The point of VWBCI is to open local minds to outside practices, concepts, and ideas that might stand to improve our greater civic situation in a parallel universe where coolness was valued more than practicality and funds spent on public works of art were raised by way of a special NIMBY tax levied against serial complainers.


(via) We’ve previously asked for floating pizzerias and anchored saunas in False Creek, so why not several of these floating UFOs? Italian company Jet Capsule came up with the concept for the flying saucer-like craft, which measure 12.5m in diameter and can cruise at 3 knots using autonomous energy (wind and solar). Other than the outer deck, there’s a bubbled, above-water living area complete with kitchen and bedroom, plus an underwater bathroom/shower complete with viewing/lounging area (not that you’d see be able to see much).

319465_2_800 img_4_1460671255_b5cbc4c330ce08bdbd08f867d9d398cf img_5_1460671255_fc4f4a405fcb2ae7f1fe1715a20c8785 img_6_1460671255_b901c48a177ba01c7ef6c6b017adcd05 img_9_1460671255_976b24297ecbfe4ac5d37a8f3757484c jetcapsuledesignboomFULL 319465_3_800 img_10_1460671255_ac5dadcc86d645c3dbf9221daf18b57c


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  1. Visions of excrement and fecal matter floating past my windows as I gently float…

    1) There would be no natural light, or very little of it, on lower levels thanks to that overhang
    2) We already have floating houses and they seem to work fairly well and look better than these in my opinion

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