Emily Carr Univ. Of Art & Design Begins Hunt For New Food Service Operators


The good folks at ECUAD are looking for foodservice operators for their upcoming new Great Northern Way campus. Check it out:

Emily Carr University of Art + Design seeking Food Service Operators (including local restaurants, restauranteurs, catering companies etc.), to submit proposals for the fit out and operation of retail food services within the new University Campus to be located on Great Northern Way. The desire from the university is for a concept that fits the needs and characteristics of the unique student and staff population (i.e. creative concepts with an emphasis on community, sustainability, local etc.). Kaizen Foodservice Planning and Design has been retained by ECUAD to assist with the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. If this is an opportunity that you or your organization are interested in, please contact Carey Prokop at cprokop [at] ecuad.ca for more information. Please note that the opportunity is time sensitive as the closing date for initial bids is June 10th, 2016

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