Kafka’s Coffee & Tea Goes Mobile With Nitro Cold Brew-Dispensing Citroen Van


by Andrew Morrison | Aaron Kafka, owner of the always bustling, eponymous Kafka’s Coffee & Tea on Main Street, recently reached out to let me know that he’d dressed up a charming old French horse trailer as a new, entirely mobile nitro cold brew, lemonade, and iced tea concept to wheel around the city in. Looking good!

It’s converted Citroen H Van, aka a “nez de cochon” (“pig nose”), which was a hugely popular, infinitely modifiable vehicle in its day. The police, for example, deployed thousands of them as paddy wagons (as such they were nicknamed “panier à salade”, or “salad basket”). I think they’re great-looking machines, and I love seeing them adapted for commercial purposes, especially delicious ones (see also Brigade Coffee in New Orleans, this mobile martini bar in Edinburgh, and this wine-dispensing beauty in Portland).

The blue/orange stunner got its permit to operate just before the holiday weekend and turned its first coin – somewhat fittingly in a “whatever, I’m French” sort of way – amidst a British classic car show at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. Kafka reports that it comes complete with 32oz mini growlers, as seen in the supplied images below. “I am planning on being at a number of city festivals and generally around town,” he added. Let’s hope so!

image1 kafka1 Screen-Shot-2016-05-22-at-5.59

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