Tuesday Nights At The Vancouver Art Gallery


Vancouver has plenty going for it, but culturally enriching good times can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Not so on Tuesday nights at the Vancouver Art Gallery. From 5pm until 9pm, entrance is by donation, which is to say it’s pretty damn accessible, even “free” if you interpret “by donation” in the same way we sometimes do. It’s free on Tuesday nights even during major exhibitions (eg. Cezanne, Picasso), though these can get crowded, often generating queues. Here are some shots from – at the time of writing – our last visit (Spring 2016).


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    1. I think its a shame that you choose to encourage people to look at by donation as free. The art gallery is a non-profit organization and depends on donations to be able to provide such events as this. If we don’t support the things we enjoy then we may soon see them disappear…

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