Three Day Art Collective & Electronic Music Fest Set For Chapel Sound May 20 – 22


The Downtown Eastside is where it’s at this weekend, so let us help you navigate. Dust off those grimy ole’ dancing shoes and get ready for a no-fucks-given kind of party at Chapel Sound, which is hosting its three-day art collective of electronic stimulation from May 20th to the 22nd. Check out the city’s brightest electronic music, lots of visual art, and some fem-powered music industry game-changers.

The likes of Michael Red, Potatohead People, Mu, X/O, and others will be slaying it at night, but we’re especially stoked on the workshops happening during the day. Learn about live coding and gestural tracking, plus hear from DJs/producers/females empowering women to pursue careers in art and technology with a panel focused on “Women in Electronic Music and Creative Technology,” then head down to Red Gates Arts Society for one of sixteen or so DJ sets that are bound to blow your mind.

While you’re in the neighbourhood, grab a beer or three at the Alibi Room or Pat’s Pub on your way to the shows. Or stop by The Mackenzie Room or Ask For Luigi for some pre-dance protein beforehand.

And if you can rally the troops and plan ahead, we suggest hitting Save On Meats to stock up on picnic supplies and grabbing some beers to go from Postmark. Then stake out a spot at Crab Park or Oppenheimer Park for a little sunshine and good times before the sensory overload of electronic madness.

May 20-22nd |Red Gates Arts Society, SKIO Music, Gold Saucer Studio | $30 Early Bird Tickets


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