On Alberta’s Beef With Earls & How To Properly Tip A Political Leader


by Sean Orr | So it turns out our Premier has been earning $30,000 and $50,000 a year in gratuities from the BC Liberal Party. That’s a pretty decent cut of the restaurant’s party’s sales to corporations looking to insure prompt service in 2015 ($5.28 million). So how does she respond when the size of her tip-out is made public and she faces a conflict of interest complaint? She hires a lawyer. On the public dime.

Here’s David Eby asking her why. I don’t need to tell you that I get riled up very easily, but watching Christy Clark’s smug face while de Jong refuses to answer makes me want to fucking explode. I don’t often lose hope, but when I do, it’s because of the BC Liberals.

And how does Christy return the favour? BC Hydro being used to funnel tens of billions to Liberal friends (one of those friends being AltaGas, a sponsor of the doomed Om the Bridge event).

I guess injecting millions into the economy is not enough to make you a friend of the BC Liberals: B.C. to limit growth of film tax credits as costs hit $500m. Who, would would have thought Deadpool would end up getting Deadpooled?

Beef of the day: High ranking Alberta PC official claims Earls restaurants “supports terrorists”. Well, the founder of Earls, Leroy Fuller, is a big supporter of Sarah Palin (“the girl’s got it going on”) so he might not be too far off.

Woman charged for burning down UBC pride flag. I’m sure a few bigots were quick to applaud the move, not realizing the full story – that the woman is indeed Transgendered and is offended by the flag’s lack of inclusivity.

Anyone who calls out Vancity Buzz for vacuity is a friend of mine:

Satire of the Day: Man leaving caffeine dispensary on the way to alcohol dispensary disgusted by marijuana dispensary.

Park of the day: Plans for new downtown park include dramatic elevated walkway.

Bonus: Charlie Demers: Our (chosen) neighbourhoods say so much about who we are.

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