Gastown’s ‘Bauhaus’ Preparing To Plate Special Brunch Service On Mother’s Day


The GOODS from Bauhaus

Vancouver, BC | Gastown’s Bauhaus restaurant is offering a special treat this Mother’s Day, opening its doors for both brunch and dinner. The brunch offering will include a number of cocktails, light entrees and unique egg dishes, including the Bauhaus Benedict, served on traditional German-style schnitzel.

Dinner will feature a Mother’s Day tasting menu. The restaurant has become well known for its tasting menus, which is where chef Stefan Hartmann best showcases his culinary creativity and artistry.

“I get inspired this time of year, there are so many great ingredients in season. One of my favourite ingredients in spring is white asparagus, it’s so nice in a soup. White asparagus is only available for a short time, which is probably why it’s extremely popular in Germany,” says Hartmann. “The duck with black sausage and the buttermilk parfait dessert also pay homage to my roots.”

Mothers will also be sent home with an edible gift. On Sunday May 8th, the restaurant will be open for brunch from 10:30am to 2:30pm and dinner from 5pm to 10:30pm. To reserve, call 604-974-1147 or click here.


10891843_772197392870087_1058341375084446009_n1 West Cordova St. | Vancouver, BC | V6B 2J2
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Uwe Boll | Owner
Natalie Boll | Owner & Manager
Stefan Hartmann | Executive Chef
Aga Darnes | General Manager



Bauhaus Restaurant is at the cutting edge of fine dining, delivering innovating techniques, fresh flavours, and exceptional service to downtown Vancouver. Our menu, designed and prepared by world-renowned Michelin Star chef Stefan Hartmann, reflects a contemporary approach to German cuisine and brings a new style of dining to the Gastown district. Bauhaus uses local, organic, and fresh seasonal ingredients as inspiration for our five featured menus.

Bauhaus Restaurant is firmly embedded in the rich history of the Gastown district. The dining room is housed inside one of Vancouver’s most unique historic buildings, The Boulder Hotel, which was originally built in 1890. Over the last 100 years, the building has gone through many changes, from its early days as a saloon, to a bank, and, finally, a hotel. Led by Vancouver designer Andrea Greenway, we have designed the restaurant to work within this historic space, featuring a dining room, a large lounge area, and an open-concept kitchen.



“I tried the six course tasting menu and it blew me away. Seriously.” – The Vancouverite

“Fine-dining classic unlike anything else.” – The Globe & Mail

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