Exile Bistro Debuts Creative Original Cocktails For Summer Nights In The West End



Vancouver, BC | Summer is around the corner and Vanessa Bourget (previously a bartender at Nuba, Heirloom Vegetarian, The Waldorf Hotel and now owner of Exile Bistro) has created several original cocktails to help Vancouver’s wild at heart transition into the warm weather and longer nights.


The Northern Heights, for example, is a Nordic take on an Old Fashioned that helps with digestion and acts as an internal tonic for organs and tissues. It also has an olfactory (aromatic) appeal so all your senses are involved (ingredients: Canadian Rye Whiskey, Birch Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tree Oil Mist).


The Emerald Lake is a fresh anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory cocktail containing micro-algae (harvested from Klamath Lake in Oregon), which is known to increase dopamine resulting in a happier, more focused mind and body (ingredients: gin, Oregon fresh water blue-green algae, maple, lime).


The Root Sour is a turmeric cocktail with infusions in both syrup and bourbon, providing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The cold pressed Yam provides texture, flavour and frothiness (ingredients: bourbon, turmeric infusion & syrup, yam juice).


The Chaga Sour is a special cocktail infusing ‘Chaga,’ an ancient medicinal mushroom conk that’s traditionally used throughout Asia and Siberia as remedy for stomach cancer and overall wellbeing (ingredients: strong mushroom tea, 12 yr Whiskey & Chaga tincture, apothecary bitters).



1220 Bute Street | Vancouver, BC | V6E 1Z8
Website: www.exilebistro.com | Twitter | Instagram
7 nights for dinner & cocktails: 5pm – Midnight | Brunch Sat & Sun: 9am – 2:30pm


  • Wild Board
  • Oat&Seed Bread
  • Heirloom Crop
  • Gulf Islands Iced Tea
  • Gin&Spruce
  • foraged
  • Flowering Rogue Kale
  • Fiddleheads, Bracken fern & Butter
  • Farmhouse Cheese, Green Strawberries
  • exile kitchen
  • Exile Front
  • Exile Bar
  • Elk Osso Bucco
  • Cedar Smoked Spuds

About Exile

Exile offers the concept of a true omnivorous, plant-forward menu. The food aims to be healthy, imaginative and tasty – daring you to be wild at heart.

At Exile, we use organic locally grown produce, foraged edibles, and ethically selected ingredients from beyond with small amounts of game meats and sustainable aquacultured fish. Our choices are and will constantly be affected by climatic, political, and resource sustaining factors.

Shying away from conventional agri-business models, the small team of foragers, cooks, bartenders and servers at exile invite you to start a passionate dialogue about what comprises food, taking into consideration its origin, history, environment, processing, handling, preserving, and effects on health.

We encourage our guests to reintegrate into the wild with synergistic phytonutrients that have long been ignored yet live in abundance in our Pacific Northwest rainforests. Instead of mono-crops we strive to offer bio-diversity, one plate at a time. At Exile, we eat the weeds and they taste delicious.

Cocktails are hand mixed with holistic ingredients such as herbs, functional foods and alternative sweeteners, added for their benefits. Wines are biodynamic, natural, or organic, and our bottled beers are small-batch crafted.

At 25 seats, Exile emphasizes intimacy and sharing. We invite you to come and feel nourished with us in a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

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