Chats With Commie Aliens In The Former Yugoslavia

From the fantastical Department of WTF (specifically the seldom heard from Special Balkan Division) comes Ruben Woodin-Dechamps and Oscar Hudson’s bizarrely riveting short film called A Second World. It focuses on Tito’s strangely beautiful (but increasingly decrepit) monuments and an elderly Serbian man who speaks with communist aliens. Vimeo puts it thus: “Nostalgia for the unrealised & the unreal simmers in these parallel visions of Yugoslav utopia lost.” Here’s the director in his own words:

“The film was shot during a three week road trip across the Balkans. After a week spent with Ljuba learning about the complex world of Asomaljia, we set out to find as many monuments as we could armed with only a document full of roughly plotted maps and local hearsay. All interviews were arranged by knocking on the door of the nearest house to each monument and asking questions.”


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