Six Course Menu Revealed For May 13th ‘Spot Prawn Gala’ At The Vancouver Club


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Vancouver, BC | The Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia celebrates 10 years of the Spot Prawn Festival with an inaugural Spot Prawn Gala at the Vancouver Club on May 13. The six-course gala will be prepared by six chefs from across Canada and paired with wines from Encore Vineyards in support of Ocean Wise. This black tie event will be one-of-a-kind and not to be missed, as Spot Prawn Festival founder chef Robert Clark, The Fish Counter, will be emceeing the event in a tuxedo with executive chef and program director at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Julian Bond. Anyone who knows these two chefs knows that an opportunity to catch them in black tie attire is rare indeed! In all seriousness, the opportunity to have enjoy a meal prepared by these chefs in the same evening is a delicacy not to be missed. Tickets for the Gala are available for $200 plus gst and service charge here.

Menu for the Chefs’ Table Society of BC Spot Prawn Gala

Hand passed Canapés
Presented by Chris Whittaker – Forage, Vancouver, BC

1st course
Presented by Sean Cousins – Vancouver Club, Vancouver, BC

“Liquid Gold” nero Spot Prawn Ravioli, Geoduck Consommé,
Barnacle “bacon”, duck fat fried lovage

Wine Pairing: 2013 TIME Estate Winery Sundial

2nd course
Presented by Bill Jones – Deerholme Farm, Duncan, BC

Grand Fir poached Spot Prawns
with a miso, mushroom and seaweed rice pudding, stinging nettle aioli, gin cured coho roe

Wine Pairing: 2015 Evolve Cellars Pinot Gris

3rd course
Presented by Matthias Fong – River Café, Calgary AB

Rosemary Smoked Spot Prawns with Berkshire Lardo
Highwood Crossing Rye & Goat Ricotta Dumplings, Wild Rose Ale Vinegar Roasted Radish,
Spot Prawn Nectar & Ramp Emulsion, River Garden Chive Blossoms

Wine Pairing: 2014 TIME Estate Winery Meritage White

4th course
Presented by Anthony Walsh – Oliver Bonacini, Toronto ON

Salted Spot Prawns, Liquorice, Mustard, Nettle Fraiche and Nasty sauce

Wine Pairing: 2013 Evolve Cellars Gewurztraminer

5th course
Presented by Ned Bell – Four Seasons, Vancouver BC

Butter Poached Spot Prawns
Spring Pea Panna Cotta, Lemon Jam Vanilla & Black Pepper Vinaigrette & Brioche

Wine Pairing: 2013 TIME Estate Winery Chardonnay

6th course
Presented by Angus An – Maenam, Vancouver, BC

Tender Pork Belly in coconut water with Spot Prawn and Spot Prawn xo sauce

Wine Pairing: 2013 McWatters Collection Chardonnay

Palate Cleanser
Sorbet presented by Bella Gelateria

Presented by chef Christine Beard-Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Vancouver, BC

About Spot Prawns: | Wild BC spot prawns are a delicacy known around the world for their sweet, delicate flavour and firm texture, and are the largest of the seven commercial species of shrimp found on the west coast of Canada. While they vary in size, they are most recognizable for their reddish brown colour, which turns bright pink when cooked, defining white spots on their tail and white horizontal bars on the carapace.

BC spot prawns are available live during the harvest season, which usually starts in May and lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks. Prawn fishermen spread baited traps along the rocky ocean floor at depths ranging from 40 to 100 metres. This method has minimal impact on ocean habitat and very low levels of by catch of other species.

In BC, approximately 2,450 metric tonnes are harvested annually, with about 65% of the harvest coming from the waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

BC spot prawns are very popular in Japan and the rest of Asia, with more than 90% of BC’s commercial catch consumed there. Most of the prawns are frozen at sea by fishermen, and then packed and exported across the Pacific. The remaining few, however, are available to be enjoyed fresh in local BC restaurants and kitchens during the fishing season! Frozen spot prawns are also available in Canada year round.

Spot prawn stocks are carefully and sustainably managed to ensure that they remain available to enjoy for many years to come, including:

– Limiting the number of vessels that can commercially harvest spot prawns
– Limiting the number of traps that can be used
– Returning females with eggs live to the ocean
– Monitoring the spot prawn population and closing the fishery when prawn stocks approach a pre-determined level


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