The Most Decadent, Cream-Stuffed Objects Of Deliciousness Every Face Deserves


The best thing to do to something sweet, delicious, and doughy is to fill it with cream. The results make up an especially decadent corner of the treat world, and it goes without saying that it’s well worth exploring. From donuts and frissants to puffs and eclairs, there’s plenty of killer options in Vancouver. We’ve listed the best of them for your ranking consideration below…

Lucky’s Doughnuts | MAIN STREET/KITS | 2902 Main St. | 604-872-4901 |
There are lots of distractions here. Don’t get sidetracked. Aim for the Coconut Bismarck, a pastry cream-filled doughnut topped with toasted meringue and coconut — the best of the bunch.

Giovane | COAL HARBOUR | 1038 Canada Pl. | 604-695-5501 |
You want a sugar bun. They’re the size of a baby’s head and filled with cream. Vanilla is their signature, but they fiddle with other flavours, too (eg. eggnog, chocolate, caramel, etc.). Pictured above.

Fratelli Bakery | THE DRIVE | 1795 Commercial Dr. | 604-255-8926 |
Their original cannoli is the flakiest, sugar sprinkled, pastry custard filled cone of goodness money can buy. It might actually be illegal to go to Italian Day on the Drive without eating one of these.

Beta Five | 413 Industrial Ave | MAIN STREET | 604-669-3336 |
You know a place takes their puffs seriously when they come in seasonal collections. We’re partial to plain Vanilla, but the Spring 2016 also features Vietnamese Coffee and Blueberry Yuzu. Have mercy!

Lee’s Doughnuts | FALSE CREEK | 122-1689 Johnson St. (GI Market) | 604-685-4021 | No website
In our opinion, the crown jewel to any doughnut shop offering is the Boston Cream. Lee’s version is the perfect blend of fluffy doughnut, chocolatey icing and sticky custard centre. A bad omen if they’re sold out.

Baguette and Co | Now 4 locations |
These self-described “crazy french people who could not find a decent eclair” have taken over the city with their perfect version of this classic treat. And thank goodness they did. Vive La Belle France!

Cartem’s Donuterie | DOWNTOWN/MAIN ST. |
The Willy Wonka of fried dough never disappoints with their insanely gorgeous stuffy doughnuts. Past stuffies have included White Chocolate Orange Mousse with a Matcha Glaze (what the what?!) and Eggnog Cream with a Spiced Rum Glaze.

Duffin’s Doughnuts | EAST VAN | 1391 E 41st Ave | 604-325-5544 | No website
It’s comforting to know that there’s a place in this city where you can literally always get a proper freshly baked doughnut. When the case is full there are about 30 varieties to chose from, but it’s a creamed Long John for us every time.

Swiss Bakery | MAIN STREET | 143 E 3rd Ave | 604-736-8785 |
The ‘Frissant’ is a distant (and better) version of the infamous NY creation, the ‘Cronut’. All of the fried delicious goodness with none of the ridiculous lining up. Assorted varieties are available but classic chocolate or vanilla steal the show.

Beard Papa | DOWNTOWN |
500 million sold worldwide and we still can’t get enough of the puff (cream puff, that is). If they had a drive-through option we’d have permanent cream puff hangovers.

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