Massive ‘Low Country Boil’ Feast Set For Brassneck’s ‘No Brainer’ Release, Mar. 20


The GOODS from Brassneck Brewery

Vancouver, BC | Brassneck VS Handtaste Ferments: The No Brainer meets the Low Country Boil on March 20th! At least 2 things might need to be explained here. Thing one, what’s the “No Brainer”? Thing two, what’s a “Low Country Boil”?

All righty, the “No Brainer” is a pre-prohibition style corn lager brewed 2-3 times a year here at the ol’ Brassneck. It’s one of our favourites. It’s a simple, clean lager, a beer style that rarely gets a fanfare. Well, this year we thought we’d give this unsung beer-o a night to shine. A moment in the limelight to show you it’s true vocation.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Todd Graham & Handtaste Ferments for the 2016 No Brainer Release. This is where the Low Country Boil comes in.

Originating in Georgia and South Carolina, a Low Country Boil is essentially a giant family style feast of shrimp, crab, spuds, sausage & shellfish, traditionally washed down with an ever flowing river of Miller High Life. (or some other light lager that won’t fatigue your taste buds or get you too wasted while you sit for hours munching on seafood, spuds n sausages!!)

Leave your granny’s table manners at home please. Plates? Err, nope! Cutlery? Not necessary. Pour your dinner straight onto the table? That’s right! Napkins? Naaaah! (just kidding. Copious amounts of napkins will be harmed during the consumption of this delicious messy feast!!)

So, what say ye??! Come on out for a truly social dining experience!


There will be 2 seatings on March 20th.
Seating #1 ? 5:30pm-8pm (all patrons must skidaddle by 8:15pm)

Seating #2 ? 9pm-Close (marchin’ orders 11:30 prompt!)

Follow the links for tickets.

$70 (+ eventbrite fee) ALL INCLUSIVE TICKET will get you the following:

– The Low Country Boil meal with Crab, Shellfish, Sausage, Shrimp’n’ Spuds featuring delicious artisan bread from Beyond Bread.

– Ever flowing sleeves of “No Brainer” Pre-Prohibition Style Corn Lager (other Brassneck beers will be available but must be purchased).

– Homemade Bourbon Blackberry Pear Pie for dessert.

– Live performance from the Bayou Ramblers, New Orleans style Jazz Trio.


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photos by Lucas Finlay



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