Eggs On Pizza! ‘Nicli Antica Pizzeria’ Gets Ready For Brunch Service This Weekend


The GOODS from Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Vancouver, BC | Brunch! A time-honoured tradition within Vancouver, brunch is the perfect time during the weekend to get together with friends or family and dine on delicious, mouthwatering food.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria has joined that time-honoured tradition with its own variation on brunch – cracking a farm fresh egg onto a featured pizza, and cooking it in our wood-fired oven.

We’re sure you’re thinking: eggs on pizza? How does that even work?

If you think about it, Nicli Antica Pizzeria’s brunch pizza merely takes all the components of your favourite brunch meal and places them onto a flat surface so you can eat it all together. Bacon? Sure. Sausage? Yup, have those too. Peperonata? Of course.

For those of you who enjoy dipping your toast into your soft poached egg, our brunch pizza is right up your alley.

So why not come in to try our brunch pizza this weekend? We’re open from 11:30am to 2:30pm. To book your brunch reservation with us, call 604-669-6985 or reserve through our OpenTable site here.


62 East Cordova, Vancouver, BC | V6A 1K2
Telephone: 604-669-6985
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About Nicli Antica Pizzeria

A sophisticated yet casual and family-friendly restaurant, Nicli Antica Pizzeria has brought a lot of attention to Gastown, the culinary epicentre of Vancouver. The brick walls of the century-old Gastown building are juxtaposed with the bright and contemporary interior, creating an environment that is both friendly and welcoming.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria’s award-winning pizzas are led by Chef David Tozer, who has been with the pizzeria since its inception. His menu highlights the season’s freshest, local ingredients while honouring the culinary traditions from four generations of the Nicli family.

An experience at Nicli Antica Pizzeria brings to mind the touchstones of Italian culture—family, authenticity, and delicious food and wine.

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