Gotham’s New Craft Cocktail Options Include Cask-Aged Take On A ‘Corpse Reviver’


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Vancouver, BC | Gotham Steakhouse & Bar recently launched a barrel aging program as the next step in the evolution of their cocktail craft. By maturing a larger batch of a spirit-forward cocktail in an oak barrel, bartenders can add new qualities and subtleties to existing recipes.

In search of an inaugural “barrel-aged” cocktail, Bar Leader Barry Jackson and the Gotham bar team decided upon an interpretation of the classic Corpse Reviver #2. They took the spirit elements from the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Handbook recipe — gin, Lillet, triple sec, absinthe — and mixed them in precise proportion before leaving them to mature in an oak cask.

Having aged and mellowed over the last six-plus weeks, the cocktail is now ready to be served. The mix is stirred rather than shaken, to retain the spirit-forward character, then finished with lemon oil to add traditional citrus essence without acidity. The resulting delicious version of a classic Corpse Reviver # 2 is available in the Cocktail Bar while quantities last.


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Gotham Steakhouse & Bar is a classic American-style steakhouse serving the finest food and drinks in warm, elegant surroundings.

Steak with a touch of ceremony | Gotham serves only Prime Grade Alberta beef and the freshest seafood. The menu offers an enticing range of classic and contemporary steakhouse creations, prepared simply, with precision and flair, to allow the integrity of the ingredients to shine through. Steakhouse purists will find classics like the perfectly marbled bone-in rib and most tender filet mignon, while adventurous appetites indulge in the 48 oz. Tomahawk cut. Mouth-watering lobster, Alaskan King crab legs and local organic caviar offer decadent contrast, and classic sides like hand cut fries, tempura onion rings and fresh steamed sugar snap peas are delicious accompaniment. With a selection from the award winning wine list, dinner at Gotham is steakhouse dining at its finest.

Cocktails perfected | High-ceilinged and dramatic, Gotham’s iconic bar is a temple for the well- crafted cocktail. Not only has the expert bar team perfected the classics, they excel at creating modern and unique libations featuring today’s most intriguing twists. With live music, sumptuous leather and velvet, and a full range of cocktails, spirits and craft beer to tempt, the lounge is an oasis of luxury and indulgence.

Private dining, garden dining | When the occasion calls for privacy, Gotham’s Clubroom and Boardroom are ready. For corporate or social parties, the private rooms, individually designed menus and discreet, impeccable service guarantee a successful, memorable event.

When the sun shines, Gotham’s urban garden patio is the only choice for lunch, dinner or something in between. Lush plantings, market umbrellas and comfy chairs create an al fresco experience unique in the downtown core.

About the building | Gotham is housed in one of Vancouver’s few remaining art deco buildings. Built in 1933 and designed by architect Max Downing, this protected heritage building was painstakingly restored and renovated in preparation for the restaurant’s opening in 1999 and stands as a stunning reminder of Vancouver’s rich architectural history.



Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards

2008—Best Steakhouse Gold
2009— Best Steakhouse Gold
2010— Best Steakhouse Gold
2011— Best Steakhouse Gold
2012— Best Steakhouse Silver
2013— Best Steakhouse Silver
2014— Best Steakhouse Silver
2015— Best Steakhouse Silver

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