On Tight Pink Sweaters And Building Skyscrapers In West Point Grey


by Sean Orr | Tech it or leave it: Without affordable housing, Vancouver risks becoming an economic ghost town. “Ultimately, though, restricting demand is not enough. Vancouver urgently needs to increase supply. To measurably improve housing choices and affordability, we need to densify”. Of course he’s talking about West Point Grey, Dunbar, Kerrisdale, and Shaughnessy, right?

Does this mean we get to bypass BC Housing? Vancouver offers city land in bid for social-housing cash from Ottawa. Of course, things being the way they are in this town, $250-million worth of city-owned property is roughly the size of 10 detached houses.

B.C.’s Christy Clark ranks first in fiscal management according to Fraser Institute. This is like when you give your dad a “World’s Greatest Dad” award as if you actually rated every single dad in the entire world fairly and came up with a totally unbiased decision.

The Tyee does not want to be categorized with Vancity Buzz. Yeah, but who would?

Meanwhile, The Province does their best to make everyone yearn for its end with one front page.

Taking the bait: SFU videos promoting energy conservation criticized as sexist. “And then at the end, the tagline is, ‘save energy, it’s sexy,’ so the video doesn’t hide what it’s trying to do. It’s trying to be the ol’ ‘nudge nudge, wink wink'”. Top marks for the Monty Python reference but how come there’s no mention of the professor playing solitaire? That has to be a breach of conduct…

Options for Sunshine Coast highway link to be determined by late fall 2016. Hmm, I wonder what could possibly go wrong? Or, as Nicholas Simons reminds us, this is the longest un-kept promise ever. Like, longer than even the Evergreen Line.

Return of Kings violent views not welcome in B.C., say municipal leaders. Just in case that isn’t enough, here’s a Facebook event promising direct action.

Bonus: 10 Questions: There’s a tear in Ben Lai’s jokes for beer.

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